Content You Can Use to Increase Search Ranking

Increase traffic to your business website

As you look for ways to increase traffic to your business website, you will repeatedly hear that “content is king”. This means that it is important to include content that is relevant to the products and services you sell; your content needs to be kept fresh, and you need to optimize your content with keywords relevant to your business.

Types of Content

trafficIt is imperative that you have good content on your site and keep it updated so it doesn’t grow stale. Stale or outdated content can adversely affect your search ranking, which is not what you want if you are trying to increase traffic to your website. Having a blog on your site is a good way to generate content for your site, but it certainly isn’t the only type of content that you can use to your benefit. Here are some suggestions for other content you can add to your company’s website to help increase your search engine ranking.

Product Descriptions – Your product pages are a part of your website’s content, and they need to be kept up to date to help your sales and your ranking on search engines. Make sure to optimize product descriptions with relevant keywords.

Post Articles – Whether it is news relevant to your business, feature articles about the products or services you offer, or an interview with someone significant in your industry, adding articles to your website is a good way to add quality content.

Generate Lists – Search engines like lists, which are a form of article. If your site sells shoes, perhaps you could include a list of the “5 Most Popular Shoe Designers” on your website. Lists are easier for search engines to scan, and they seem to generate a higher volume of clicks when their links are found on search results or on social media.

Videos and Podcasts – Search engines are also rather fond of this type of social content, and it is a good idea to include it on your site. This type of content will be interesting for your site visitors as well. If you keep it updated, you will have some visitors coming back on a regular basis, which helps to increase sales.

Post Slideshows – A slideshow is a good way to add picture content to your website and, in many cases, pictures can be more important for increasing your search engine ranking than written content. Of course, that depends on the picture and how relevant it is for your site. Remember to optimize the picture captions, the file names and the titles of your slideshow presentations.

It cannot be emphasized enough: You need to keep your content up-to-date, no matter the type of content you use on your site. Set aside time every week to look over your site, archive past content and update your blog, your articles and the other forms of content you use. Updating your content will result in better search engine rankings, and you’ll be able to turn much of your site’s traffic into frequent visitors.

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