Our Partners

With over 10 years of consistent success in providing 1st page rankings for our customers, SEO Shark is a trusted figure for businesses of all sizes. Providing all services related to SEO, including Social Media Management, Pay Per Click Services, and Website development, we can give any business who seeks our partnership a competitive edge online. One of the ways we assure this is through our multiple partnerships.

Google Partners

Google is arguably the most used search engine that exists at the moment, and it remains one of the biggest and most recognisable companies in the world. Google created an easy to use platform for internet browsers to find what they were looking for without them having to know the exact address beforehand.

Being a Google Partner, SEO Shark has access to exclusive trainings, support and tools provided by Google. The Google partnership makes us a trusted  digital media provider. A partnership badge is essential in order to create a Pay Per Click campaign for Google. Being a certified partner means that we have the ability and the access to create and manage an effective AdWords campaign for you.

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Google partner


Bing is also a leading search engine provider owned and operated by Microsoft. It was launched in 2009 and has been an effective tool for navigating the web. Other than just providing search results, Bing also has services ranging from Dictionary, to Finance, to Social Media tools.

A Bing Partnership makes us qualified to assist companies with the Bing Ads platform. Only trusted entities can assist and access the platform, therefore a company with the partnership is essential for any Pay Per Click Campaign. The partnership also entitles us to new insights and training which can help us to give our customers a competitive edge in the market.

Bing partner


Shopify is one of the most common website CMS (content management system) platforms, and is particularly useful for building and managing e-commerce websites. SEO Shark is a accredited Shopify Partner, which means that we have access to extensive educational resources about best utilising the platform including training courses and in-depth documentation. We also get inside information about upcoming changes to Shopify and priority access to support for our clients.

In addition to the educational and support aspects, as Shopify Partners we are eligible for discounts on many software services for business development, product design, testing and product management – discounts that we of course pass on to our clients who use Shopify!

shopify partners


Facebook is the leading Social Media platform in the world. After seemingly bringing the entire world together on one website, Facebook has provided an arena for everything by simply allowing people to talk to each other in a new medium. Facebook has recently become a haven for businesses as they learn how to directly connect with their audience, rather than just advertise from afar.

As a Facebook partner, we are able to provide companies with an edge over others with access to specific tools and technologies which are tailored for marketing through the website. Gaining access to the advertising platform and having the ability to track performances gives us a tool for helping our partners stand out.