YouTube’s analytics update gives creators better insight into user behaviour

YouTube’s analytics update gives creators better insight into user behaviour

If you are using YouTube to generate content for your business, the new analytics update will be highly beneficial for you. With 5 brand new tools, you will be able to better measure your content’s performance and understand how users are interacting with your page.

What are the updates?

There are 5 key upgrades with YouTube’s new analytics:

  1. More data about channel memberships and how these change over time
  2. More data available on your mobile that was previously exclusive to desktop
  3. Clearer information about the performance of your videos
  4. More insight into revenue changes
  5. The official introduction of engagement metrics for YouTube posts

Channel memberships

For the first time ever, YouTube content creators will now be able to see which of their uploads has gained or lost them the most subscriptions to their channel. In the ‘members’ tab on the ‘audience’ page of YouTube Analytics, creators will be able to see this data, as well as how many of their members are actively engaging with their channel. Additional deep dive metrics are also available to help creators stay on top of what content is popular and engaging for their audience.YouTube Analytics creator channel insights.

Mobile data

The new update will also include data, that was previously only available on desktop, on mobile. Creators will now be able to use YouTube Analytics on their mobile to see ‘other channels your audience watches’ and ‘other videos your audience watches’. This will allow creators to gage their audience’s interests in a more convenient manner.

Video performance

YouTube’s video overview page has also received a revamp, providing clearer data on video performance. When using YouTube Analytics on desktop, you will be provided with a more succinct overview of how your audience have reacted to your video. See below for an example.A YouTube Analytics update for better creator performance insights.

Revenue changes

Revenue changes will also be given more detail with the new update, allowing creators to understand why their revenue goes up or down each month. If a channel’s audience shifts to a higher or lower CPM country, this will affect revenue, and YouTube will now identify this. This will allow creators to understand if it is the content that they are producing that is affecting revenue, or if it is factors outside of their control.

Engagement metrics

YouTube announced in May that engagement metrics for YouTube posts would soon be available. This feature is now live and will show creators their top posts based on votes and likes. The feature will also provide deeper insights into daily post metrics such as impressions, likes, votes, and more.


Better analytical tools mean that YouTube content creators will be able to gain a deeper understanding of their audience and how their content is received in the YouTube community. This is essential if you are promoting your brand via YouTube as it will help you to refine your marketing strategies. This update will tweak and refine the existing tools and provide more specific data on a channel’s performance.