New Promotional Tools Released by Google in Preparation for the Holiday Season

New Promotional Tools Released by Google in Preparation for the Holiday Season

As the year reaches its second half, merchants are preparing for the imminent holiday shopping season. In response to this, in order to make online shopping easier for both customers and merchants, Google has announced the release of a set of brand new promotional tools. Due to the consistently increasing popularity of online shopping, these tools will be introduced to assist consumers in locating the best discounts and deals.

What Tools Will Be Released?

Deals SectionTools by Google promoting deals

The brand new deals section on Google will make it easier for shoppers to find the best deals available for the products that they want to buy. It will highlight merchants from all over the web with competitive prices on desired items. The section will be titled “Deals related to your search” and is available in the “Shopping” tab.

Promotion Tools

For merchants, there are two brand new promotional tools available to attract customers to their products. The first is the option to show a special price to shoppers that are buying from your brand for the first time.

The second is the ability to list promotions for free. Merchants can list their deals in Google Merchant Centre under the “promotions” tab and have them listed free of charge. These promotions can, as always, also be supported by ad spend if desired.

Expanded Best Seller Reports

The best seller reports in Google Merchant Centre are also getting a revamp, with more data being made available on products that have been the most popular for a brand. This allows merchants to see how their products are performing over time.

What Will This Mean for Consumers?

For consumers, the release of these new tools will result in easier access to the best deals available online. They will see a range of brands with relevant products for them and will be able to find which ones have the best prices for the items that they want to buy.

During the holiday season, these tools will be particularly effective and will help consumers shop more efficiently. Google will become the best place to find the best deals on your favourite items online.

What Will This Mean for Merchants?

For merchants, these tools will allow them to reach more potential customers in an affordable way. They will also allow them to measure the performance of the various products that they sell much more effectively.

This is a game changer for the holiday season and will allow brands to better promote the items that they sell and attract customers to buy from their business.