how social media impacts SEO

How Social Media Impacts SEO

Correlation is not causation. You’ve read it and seen it everywhere when trying to understand how social media impacts SEO. To summarise what it means; there is a connection between social media presence and the ranking of your website from Google’s algorithm, however it is not the cause for said ranking.

The reason why something is popular on both platforms is because of the content itself rather than the ranking on social media in terms of likes and/or tweets.

how social media impacts SEO

Social media does have an impact on SEO and you can no longer ignore either of them.

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target audience research and analysis

How To Find Your Exact Target Audience

Whether you want to use the term “target audience” or “target market,” every operation is after the exact same thing – a loyal following that boosts online exposure. Every industry will be striving for this objective because a casual visitor is welcomed, but a regular visitor will be the lifeblood of your business.

To go a step further, you are really wanting to foster an environment that breeds active regular visitors. These are consumers who will share your articles, preach about your brand on social media and entice others to get involved. This is where the real goldmine lies when it comes to the topic of target audience research and analysis.

target audience research and analysis

One of the most important things your business must establish is its target market.

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ethical on-page SEO

Tips To Performing Ethical On-Page SEO

To the uninitiated, it might be news to say that there is an unethical mode of performing on-page SEO. For the majority of domain and business users out there, the Internet is a Wild West of strategy and tactics where almost anything goes.

Yet the reality is quite different. Search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google have an army of software engineers out there who are updating their internal platforms with regular ease. They are now incredibly savvy when it comes to con artists and tricksters out there looking to get an illegitimate leg up on the competition.

ethical on-page SEO

Ethical SEO is always the way to go!

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Twitter marketing efforts

Best Ways To Optimise Twitter Marketing

Social media has proven to be an incredible asset at driving organic traffic to your domain. This was not always the case, with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest having to illustrate their value over a number of years.

Now the facts and figures speak for themselves. Just take Australia as a case in point. As of September 2017, this was the active monthly consumer base on the 5 major social media sites:

  • Facebook – 15,000, 000
  • YouTube – 15,000,000
  • Instagram – 9,000,000
  • LinkedIn – 4,200,000
  • Twitter – 3,000,000
successful Twitter marketing campaign

Twitter is a great way to connect with more potential clients.

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properly optimise your keywords

How To Properly Optimise Your Keywords

Online marketing involves a series of processes that can be difficult to comprehend initially, but over time you will become accustomed to their role in the grand scheme. Every domain from every niche possible wants to increase their traffic and exposure, making it necessary to follow protocol and explore untapped opportunities.

All of this falls under the wide and expansive banner of search engine optimisation (SEO). Just how easy is it for users across the globe to find your site? If you manage to execute a series of clever techniques and keep a regular pattern of content churning out, then you are likely sitting pretty in the top echelon of hits.

improve your search ranking

Your keywords make up an essential component of your SEO strategy.

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social media sharing platform

How To Dramatically Boost Instagram Engagement Levels

Given the demographic on Instagram, you have to determine if your company is a best fit for the type of audience that frequents there. If you’re not the type of business or service that is readily able to turn a sales conversion from an Instagram post, it might pay to simply view Instagram as a platform for creating a loyal fan base of customers by launching a merchandising range.

The consumer demographic on Instagram is chiefly under 35, and purchases mostly fast moving consumer goods, including apparel and entertainment items. If you want to maximise your investment in Instagram, and your business is for example a law firm, or a plumbing service, to create brand awareness should be the goal.

social media sharing platform

Instagram is an awesome platform to use to get your business out there.

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writing articles of high quality

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

There are essentially two main goals to be achieved through writing content for your website;

  1. Encouraging traffic to your website through building links etc. and;
  2. Writing great content to keep your readers interested.

These two things seem relatively simple in isolation, and they are, but due to a harsh world of competition, it is a lot more difficult to write quality content that ranks well. Sure, getting traffic to your website might not be that hard and nor is writing good content, but writing good content and bringing users to your site and then making them stay, that’s the challenge.

writing SEO-friendly content

There are a few changes you can make to your content to ensure it is more SEO-friendly.

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a successful SEO strategy

The Importance of SEO in Terms of Internet Marketing

A changing economy and business world has led to a rapid rise in digital technologies. Subsequently, marketing has become far more digitally focused than it has been in the past with online and social media seen as two of the most important pillars in executing a successful campaign.

At the crux of effective, efficient and highly successful marketing campaigns, whether they are online or a combination of online and outdoor, is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. SEO is now seen as a must-have in the marketing world however many still do not get it right.

how SEO works

SEO has a major stake in internet marketing.

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SEO tips and tools

Awesome SEO Tips and Tools for 2018

A fresh new year means a fresh new approach to search engine optimisation. Any expert will tell you that SEO is a constantly evolving part of digital marketing and the passage of time simply means that there’s more to learn.

Search engines are learning too, and probably much faster than we can. The algorithms behind what Google is ranking highly are constantly being developed, so we have to do our best to catch up with them.

SEO tips and tools

Here are the latest tips and tools for SEO in 2018.

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user experience focus

9 Bad SEO Habits You Need To Leave Behind

When people begin to do anything routinely they tend to develop habitual behaviour. These behaviours will often develop subconsciously because we’ve seen them work on multiple occasions in the past.

In the constantly evolving practise of search engine optimisation, habits can be very dangerous. Methods that have worked historically can gradually become less and less effective, often before many people can realise.

outdated SEO methods

There are a number of bad SEO habits you might not realise you have.

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