SEO costs

Best Ways to Cut SEO Costs

I feel like a broken record, but I will happily say this again: Do not underestimate the power and influence of SEO. Its importance and prevalence in today’s society has only grown in the past couple of years, and I fully expect SEO to further grow and develop for many years to come.


cutting SEO costs

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SEO Tricks

The Search Engines That Don’t Track You

People use search engines every day to find information that they are looking for. When using a search engine you place key words into the search bar and it returns a list of places on the internet where those keywords were found.

Google is a very common search engine and every minute there is around 4 million search inquires made. However, Google is tracking every single one of those searches using tracking devices like cookies.

Cookies – are small files that are stored on your computer and they hold your specific data. This data can be carried from one website to another. That is why you are likely to see advertisements for a product (or service) on one website that you have already viewed on another.

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Happy guy

How to best defend against negative SEO

As the name suggests, negative SEO is the exact opposite of positive SEO. Therefore, instead of trying to improve a website’s search engine rankings, the aim is to reduce a ranking from a competitor’s website (or worse, even have the website removed completely from search results).

Negative SEO is a very dirty tactic which includes acts such as; sending a false link removal request, creating a false review, constructing spam links and could even be as bad as hacking into a website.

It is certainly not recommended that you use any of these tactics to better your own website. However, there is a chance that your competitors are using negative SEO tactics on your website. It is important to understand when and how this is occurring so you will be able to defend against it.

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Bing SEO

Why you should be thinking about Bing for your SEO?

When thinking about SEO Google is usually one of the terms that comes to mind. This is totally understandable because Google is the most powerful and influential search engine in the world and it is very important that you are ranking as high as possible in this search engine.

Bing search engine

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Social media trends

The biggest social media trends to watch out for in 2017

Want to know what the future holds for social media this year and what the major trends will be? Well, unfortunately no one holds a crystal ball to guarantee what 2017 holds for social media. Luckily, there are social media experts who can give some guidance as to what will happen!

social media predictions

This way your business can hop on the trends before they gain too much traction and everyone else is doing it!

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Google and SEO

Best ways to get your Google search engine listing to stand out

In SEO, one of the main achievements is getting your website to the first page of Google. This is because once there, your website will be more visible and could result in higher traffic to your website and higher conversion rates. However, once your website takes a position on the first page of Google, you shouldn’t just stop there. Even though your website is now highly visible, a stock standard listing without anything to really grab the users could result in users going to another competitor’s website.

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Facebook likes

Simple (and free!) ways to get more likes for your Facebook business page

Even if you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you would still probably be aware of Facebook. Over the years Facebook has changed and grown into the powerful social player it is today.

Many people use Facebook for personal reasons as well as another way for their business to communicate with consumers. Businesses now understand the true potential that Facebook holds and they are constantly looking for ways to improve the total number of likes for their page.

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dreaming about SEO

Uncommon yet effective SEO techniques that will double your traffic

Holding that coveted first position on Google is what we always dream of. But how do we make that dream a reality? As more businesses understand the true power of search engine optimisation, it is becoming increasingly popular and the normal stock standard SEO techniques are slowly becoming overused.

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SEO contract

Things Business Owners Fear About SEO

Starting your own business is scary enough. You are sure to encounter a lot of various challenges on your way to the operation of a successful business. On top of this, there are probably many issues or strategies that will arise and you won’t even know where to start.

Fear of SEO company

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reading headings

9 Tips on how to write a headline that will drive more traffic to your website

As kids we are told not to judge a book by its cover. However, we all know it is always a lot more tempting to pick up the exciting, colourful book with the awesome pictures on it, then the plain stock-standard book. This is the same for headlines. May it be for your blog posts or your website’s landing page, it is important that your headline stands out from the rest.

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