SEO ranking

6 Easy SEO Fixes to Improve Your Ranking Quickly

When you think of SEO you usually don’t think of fast results. Most SEO strategies tend to take months before your website will start seeing results. However, luckily for you there are a couple of quick fixes that can improve your website’s performance faster than expected.

SEO preparation

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SEO spam

SEO Scams – What Do You Do When You Receive a Spam Email?

Unfortunately, SEO scams come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you have to be very careful with any SEO business that approaches you (unless you have requested a call etc.). Before deciding to go with any SEO agency you should always conduct research to ensure they are the best fit for your business.

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What is SEO

Basic SEO Questions Revealed

If you are just looking into the world of SEO it can be quite daunting. After first dipping your toe in you probably will have a stack of questions. SEO consists of a large variety of buzzwords and jargon that can be difficult to wrap your head around.

Sometimes you may feel embarrassed about your question because it may seem too basic. Well, you should never be afraid of asking an SEO expert a question and they should never make fun or belittle you when explaining the answer.

SEO quote saying

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SEO tools

4 of The Best Free SEO Tools To Get You Started

If you are new to the great world of SEO then you probably already know just how complicated it can be. There are so many different factors that impact SEO and on top of all this, different experts have different opinions on the best way to tackle SEO.

But the fact that you are here reading this blog is a good sign! You understand the importance of SEO for your website and even though you may not fully understand SEO you are willing to at least give it a try.

business man looking at a city

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professional seo services

How to do SEO for Small or New Websites

When creating a new website for your business, it is important to build it with SEO in mind. If you make your new website SEO friendly you are on your way to building a better ranking in Google and other search engines.

SEO is a long term process and even though your website may be fully optimised, results will not come immediately. However, the first actions you take after your new website is up and running could potentially have significant impacts in your eventual search engine ranking.


seo serevices australian company

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mobile SEO

Biggest Mobile SEO Mistakes You Didn’t Even Know You Were Making

We all know just how important smartphones have become in the last decade. While traditional SEO has been around for a while, you can no longer ignore the importance of mobile SEO. Even though businesses understand the importance of mobile SEO they still seem to be making mistakes. Not even little mistakes that slightly impact a user, businesses are making huge mistakes that are costing them significant chunks of traffic and potential sales. And they probably don’t even realise they are making such big mistakes!

Even recognised brands are making mistakes and not optimising for mobile. Morover, some of SEO companies ignore this issue (which shouldn't be ignored).


searching for SEO agency

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Free Stock Images For Your Website

These days it is imperative to accompany your social media post with an image. It is well known that if you post on your social media campaign and don’t include a photograph, you are less likely to see a higher level of user engagement. If you aren’t willing to pay for access to databases that contain photographs it can be difficult to determine which images are free of copyright.

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SEO off page - do it

Off Page Optimisation Techniques That Google Hates

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is always moving. You must keep track of the changes and latest trends to ensure that you are getting the most out of SEO. Google likes to tweak and update its algorithm as consumers and user experience changes. Therefore, a tactic that you used last year may not be as effective today.

You must always pay very close attention in the world of SEO; you never know when something might change unexpectedly.

SEO unexpected results in Google

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SEO costs

Best Ways to Cut SEO Costs

I feel like a broken record, but I will happily say this again: Do not underestimate the power and influence of SEO. Its importance and prevalence in today’s society has only grown in the past couple of years, and I fully expect SEO to further grow and develop for many years to come.


cutting SEO costs

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SEO Tricks

The Search Engines That Don’t Track You

People use search engines every day to find information that they are looking for. When using a search engine you place key words into the search bar and it returns a list of places on the internet where those keywords were found.

Google is a very common search engine and every minute there is around 4 million search inquires made. However, Google is tracking every single one of those searches using tracking devices like cookies.

Cookies – are small files that are stored on your computer and they hold your specific data. This data can be carried from one website to another. That is why you are likely to see advertisements for a product (or service) on one website that you have already viewed on another.

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