Content 101 – Things Every Piece of Content Must Have

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that having high quality content on your website is important for your SEO. Google loves website’s that produce solid amounts of high quality content. It is one of their important ranking factors.

So if you want a good ranking on Google (like everyone does!) you will need to be creating new content on a regular basis that is quality. I know this is easier said than done! But because Google values high quality content so much, it means you need to value content as well.

content writing and seo

Quality content will have a positive impact on your SEO.

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Google Ranking Factors – Where should you focus your effort?

Unless you work for Google, you won’t know exactly how their algorithm works. However, if you have been doing SEO for long enough you will have a pretty good understanding of what Google’s ranking factors are and their importance.

Although, most of you aren’t SEO experts right? So you still probably have no idea of what Google’s most important ranking factors are. Well, lucky for you, I am here to help! By understanding some of the most important ranking factors, you can focus majority of your SEO efforts on them to improve your ranking at a faster rate.

googles ranking factors impact your seo

Understanding Google's ranking factors means you can ensure better SEO tactics are used.

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SEO Basics – Why you need to be on the first page of Google?

If you haven’t been reading our blog for long or are just starting to learn about SEO, you probably don’t know the exact reasons why you should be on the first page of Google. You know it is better for your website, but can’t really pin point the reasons as to why.

Well it is your lucky day! Class is in session. And today we are going back to basics! Nothing too difficult or complex will be discussed here. We are simply going to look at why you need SEO to help get you to the first page of Google.

google homepage

Being on the first page of Google is important.

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How to Structure Your URL for SEO

The issue of URLs are so small that they tend to get overlooked. It is probably of the most basic elements of SEO. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t extremely important to ensure you have the best URL structure for your SEO.

A highly thought out and optimised URL will work wonders for your website. As well as this, you are probably going to be keeping your URL for a significant period of time, so make sure you don’t rush the process of structuring your URL.

url structure for seo

Structuring your URL properly will help your SEO.

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Better Then Negative SEO: Demolish Competition Ethically

The great (or annoying) thing about SEO is that it is constantly evolving. The SEO practices that were acceptable ten years ago probably are completely irrelevant today. SEO always keeps up to date and adapts to new developments.

Because SEO is always changing, it means that you have to change with it. If you don’t adapt your strategy to the new way of SEO then a lot of your efforts would be for nothing. On top of this, there are new rules to follow. It is important you don’t break these rules otherwise your website could be negatively impacted.

seo on computer

SEO is always changing, remember to keep up.

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Ingenious Ways to Increase Comments on Instagram

I’m going to say right off the bat that Instagram isn’t for every business. BUT that doesn’t mean it isn't one of the most powerful social media platforms for both individuals and businesses. If you are even thinking about setting up an Instagram account for your business, you should definitely give it a try.

instagram is a power social media network

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media networks.

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4 Misconceptions About E-Commerce SEO

There are a significant number of ways a business to implement an effective SEO strategy. The way you choose to deploy your SEO efforts should depend heavily on the type of business you run. For example, an e-commerce business will use completely different SEO tactics as opposed to a business with the typical website.

When it comes to e-commerce websites, you are probably already aware that they are very different to that of other websites. E-commerce websites are usually the only point of contact users have with the business. This means that your website, simply put, needs to be amazing.

e-commerce website or shopping in store

Your e-commerce website needs to be amazing!

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The Benefits Of Using PPC Advertising

Competition in every industry has never been fiercer. This makes it that much more difficult for your website to get onto the first page of Google and see the visibility you deserve. While SEO usually focuses on organic growth, when combined with the force of PPC advertising you could see the results you want, and faster.

ppc advertising can give you fast results

PPC can give you fast results.

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Reasons Your Content Marketing Campaign is Failing

By now I’m pretty sure everyone knows the importance of content. If not, let me give you a quick breakdown. Google loves new and fresh content; it is one of their important ranking factors. So if you want to see a better ranking, it is important for you to write engaging content, and frequently.

Content by itself is just content. You actually have to do something with the content for it to be effective. You have to market it! Content marketing is just as important as writing the content. Whatever your content, you will need to have an effective content marketing campaign in place.

content marketing is important for SEO

Writing quality content on a regular basis is great for your SEO.

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negative seo attack

Negative SEO – Everything You Need To Know

Negative SEO isn’t a myth, it certainly is real. Ever since Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update, the search engine giant has been catching and dishing out harsh penalties for those websites that use black hat SEO methods.

black hat and negative seo

Negative SEO is becoming a significant issue.

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