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Just in case you’re still not convinced of our capabilities, here is an example of our achievement with one of our clients.

SEO case study

The case

arrowFrom the beginning of our SEO services (September 2015), the company’s priority was to increase the number of visitors and grow internet visibility. To meet their expectations, we implemented the following SEO Strategy.

About the client

O’Sullivan Legal is a top law firm in Sydney and has been in operation for over 14 years. They are primarily focused on family and criminal law. It is their priority always to ensure the client comes first. They provide superior expert advice to all their clients and are also very results-driven.

GETTING THE WEBSITE TO THE TOP 3 POSITIONS IN GOOGLE SEARCHES action 90% of selected keywords/phrases is in the top 3 results/td>
KEEPING THE WEBSITE HIGH IN SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS action the website is maintained at high positions which provide security and a steady increase in the number of new customers
GETTING MORE INTERNET TRAFFIC action the internet traffic has increased 864%
INCREASING ENQUIRIES action they have noticed increased enquires by 395%
GETTING MORE CLIENTS action they have increased the number by 290%
INCREASING REVENUE action the revenue increased over 7 times
RECOGNISING THEIR BRAND action we have increased their brand recognition among competitors and potential customers
*data from August 2016


arrowAfter analysing the domain, we diagnosed an unnatural number of malicious links that may have been disrupting the ordinary course of positioning. The team decided to submit a report with all the malicious links to Google and start quality and natural link-building activities according to Google’s guidance.

SEO for OSullivan Legal


Choosing keywords is a critical step in search engine optimisation. Careful and accurate selection of keywords determines the success of your SEO campaign.


In the beginning, we made a precise analysis of the client’s website and all their competitor’s websites which were ranking on the top of the first page of Google


We also collected Google suggestions using a dedicated tool – Google Keyword Planner which helped us in choosing the most searched phrases related to the client’s industry


We then analysed all the selected keywords in terms of their effectiveness and competitiveness

Based on the above steps, we chose the best keywords to achieve top SEO results. We also picked some low/medium competitive and “long-tail” keywords, which had a low search volume in Google. These keywords are ideal for users who search for a specific product or service and are more likely to become a customer. That’s why long-tail keywords allow for much higher conversation than generic phrases.

We also selected highly competitive terms to increase the interest of potential customers from all locations within Australia.

In total, we selected 40 search phrases for their SEO Campaign.


The selected search phrases became the basis for optimising the website. To build a stable network of incoming link, first, we improved the site structure and developed effective and persuasive descriptions for search engines. We also optimised the design and functionality of the site through the following actions:

  • Optimising content for SEO

  • Creating friendly URLs

  • Removing duplicate content

  • Creating and optimising a sitemap

  • Creating additional content

  • Optimising internal URLs

  • Optimising headings and meta tags

  • Setting up an account in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Benefits from optimising the website:

  • More clients

  • Faster visibility in top search results
    for new created content

  • Better conversion

  • Better indexation in Google



After site optimisation, our goal was to display the website on the internet. To do so, we started link-building activities. Links (backlinks) were created on highly reputable websites, yielding fast results. After around one month, the websites ranking had improved significantly.


SEO Visits

Statistics per month

See For Yourself can be found on the first page of Google now with over 50 keywords.

Examples include:

  • Family lawyers Sydney CBD
  • Divorce solicitor Sydney
  • Family law for dads
  • Family lawyers Sydney
  • Best family lawyers Sydney

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