What Ads Creative Studio will mean for creating ads on Google’s platforms

What Ads Creative Studio will mean for creating ads on Google’s platforms

Google have announced that they will be launching a beta version of their brand new platform Ads Creative Studio at the end of July. This platform will consolidate Google’s creative advertising tools and allow ad creators across YouTube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360 to have a centralised place to manage the ads that they create. The video, display, and audio ad tools will be available in beta form to Display & Video 360 users at the end of July and to select YouTube Ads users in September.

What will Ads Creative Studio include?A view of the Google Ads Creative Studio platform.

Ads Creative Studio will include 3 key features that will allow creatives to develop engaging ads on their platforms. It will also allow for teams to collaborate more efficiently on the projects that they are creating.

Director Mix

Director Mix will allow you to customise your ad for different audiences. This feature was previously available to a select few advertisers but will now be slowly rolled out to a wider group of users. With Director Mix, you can build multiple versions of a YouTube video ad and it even includes swappable elements for different audiences.

Dynamic Display and HTML5

Dynamic Display and HTML5 will allow you to develop interactive creatives for Display Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. You will be able to customise your creative to your liking.

Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer, as the name suggests, will allow you to build custom audio ads for Display & Video 360. The tool will assist you in creating high quality audio ads at scale and will boost your efficiency.

What will this mean for advertisers?

This streamlined method of creating creative ads will be a game changer for teams. The asset library and efficient workflow elements that are being added by Google will allow creators to develop fully customisable and tailored ads, with elements in the ads even able to be customised for individual audiences. Multiple members of a team will be able to work on a project and better collaborate with their team and other departments. A centralised place to find all of these ad creation tools will provide a more efficient and productive experience for businesses.

This platform will allow for better collaboration between teams as it is a unified space with which to develop creative advertising campaigns. Google has promised that they will continue to add new tools and features to the platform over time.