What you can expect from the June 2021 Google Core Update

What you can expect from the June 2021 Google Core Update

The June 2021 Google Core Update began rolling out earlier this week. With the last Core Update taking place almost 6 months ago in December 2020, there are several changes that are important to note.

Two updates

After 6 months of no updates, Google is now rolling out two. One in June and one in July. So why have they done this? Apparently, some of the planned improvements to the search engine are not yet ready, so Google have decided to implement what they have prepared for June and release the rest in July. As with any core update, drops or gains for content may occur. The twofold nature of the updates may mean that some content sees changes in June that are reversed in the July update. In other words, when Google updates its algorithm, your ranking may go up or down, although this may once again change by the time the second part of the update is rolled out in July.

The update will apply globally and will impact all languages. It will take about two weeks to roll out in total. Google will confirm when this process has been completed, though it should be before the page experience update which is scheduled for mid-June.

Why does Google release updates?

Google is constantly striving to improve their search engine and improve the overall experience for its users. They release updates to better the usability of their products and to remain competitive within the industry. The increasing need for complexity in search queries is something that Google is passionate about meeting. The web’s constant growth means that updates are rolled out to accommodate for changes and provide only the best information, bettering the experience of online searches for everyone.

What can you do if your ranking is impacted?

Unfortunately, if your ranking is impacted by the core update, there is not a whole lot you can do as there may not be anything explicitly wrong with your page. While there are no specific actions you can take, Google has offered advice and things to consider if you are impacted. You may simply have to wait for another core update to see big changes, however.

In summary

Because of the impact that Google updates can have on your ranking, it is important to be aware of when they occur. This way you can understand what has happened and will have an explanation for the way that your site has been impacted. With Google in the process of rolling out the June 2021 update, and the July 2021 update coming soon, it is a good time to keep an eye on your ranking.