Why your brand needs a blog and a social media presence

The internet is a marvellous tool that helps connect people from all over the world at the push of a button. However it has grown to such a point that businesses can also use that to their advantage and connect with their consumer base. This new avenue to connect with your consumers is a very beneficial tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why your brand needs a blog and a social media presence

For small business owners it may be an extra step that they simply don’t have the time or resources to invest into. Below we are going to explore why your brand needs a blog and social media presence.

It’s extra content

If you’ve done some reading about SEO and what goes into your Google ranking you will know that one of the best ways to boost your score is through high quality content. Content creation through a blog is a great way to add extra content to your website without it becoming cluttered. It is also another useful avenue to appeal to niche keywords.

Blogs work in a way that allow you to post content regularly that is relevant to your industry and business. Niche keywords are easier to rank with and hence a blog is a perfect avenue to get those rankings. In conjunction with social media you can share your blog posts onto another channel. Social media is another avenue that can lead traffic to your website. If you are producing high quality work through your blog you will get people coming back to your website.

It takes up more results page listings

Why your brand needs a blog and a social media presence

The great thing about having social media pages across all of the different platforms is that they can also be ranked on results pages. When people are looking for a particular search term, obviously your website isn’t the only one that will appear. You will be greeted with hundreds of results including some websites that belong to your competitors. If you have an established social media campaign your profiles will also appear on the results page. When you get them ranked to the first page as well you will be taking away results slots from your competitors.

It is common knowledge that has been backed up with countless hours of research that people rarely go past the first page of Google when looking for something. If you get your social media pages ranked and knock your competitors to the second page, you can potentially take their business.

Engage with your current and future consumer base

As we mentioned before, the internet as well as social media is a very effective way to engage with your consumer base. Not only can you directly interact with them, you also get the opportunity to give them something of importance which is information. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to engage with your consumers in a more conversational way. When you provide high quality content on a blog post, people will be more likely to go through and read your other content.

This in turn creates a spiral where a visitor to your website will read through numerous amounts of articles. The information that you provide also boosts trust with your clients as they are more likely to read your blog posts in the future. If your content is exceptionally good as well you will find that people will share your posts on either their own website or social media pages. As we have mentioned before and what you have read numerous times during your research is that links to your website is very good for your SEO efforts as well as boosting the traffic that your website receives.