Attention all social media marketers: LinkedIn now has boosted posts and Event Ads

Attention all social media marketers: LinkedIn now has boosted posts and Event Ads

It’s official. LinkedIn has announced this week that you will now be able to boost your organic posts in order to reach more people. It has also introduced Event Ads and these two features combined will be highly useful for advertising your business on the platform. To complement these two features, Custom Streaming integrations and Mobile Page Analytics will also be available to improve the usability of the site.

What are boosted posts?

An announcement about boosted posts and event ads from LinkedIn.

Image: LinkedIn

Boosting posts is a feature that has been available on social media applications such as Facebook for some time now. With LinkedIn adding the feature this week, you will now be able to increase the exposure of your LinkedIn posts by “boosting” them and making them reach more people’s LinkedIn feeds. This action will create a campaign in your page’s ad account where you can manage and view the results of the boost.

The boost is simple to implement, with a clear “boost” button now positioned above posts that you publish on your page. When you click this, you will be asked to select an objective for the post (eg. website visits, engagement, views) and a desired audience (eg. profile based, interest based). These factors can be customised to your liking and you can get as specific as you like with selecting a target audience. All that is left to do once you have chosen your audience is to set a daily budget. When you do this, LinkedIn will promote the post to the appropriate amount of people each day within your campaign so that you do not spend more than you want to on the post.

Currently, each post can only be boosted once and posts that include elements such as polls or job ads are not eligible for boosting. This may change in the future, yet for now it is important to carefully consider which of your posts you would like to boost.

What are Event Ads?

If your business or organisation frequently holds important events that could benefit users of LinkedIn, Event Ads are a new and exciting way to reach new people and maximise attendance. Event Ads will describe important information about the event including the date, time, how to register, and if the user has any mutual friends who are planning to attend.

The Event Analytics tool is launching alongside this and will provide useful metrics to organisers in relation to their events. You will be able to see engagement, number of attendees, top job functions, viewer count, and more.

What does this mean for your business?

These new tools and features are highly beneficial to brands as it allows you to increase your reputation and inform more people of your services. These marketing tools will help you appeal to other professionals on the LinkedIn platform in an easy and cost-effective way.