SEO tips to improve your online awareness in 2019

A New Year brings on New Year’s resolutions for business owners to get their brand and website out their more and start bringing in more profits. An effective way to accomplish this goal is through SEO where you can boost your online presence by being more visible to those who are searching for relevant terms. As time goes on we can also explore new methods within search engine optimisation itself to bring on greater results.

SEO tips to improve your online awareness in 2019

Below we are going to explore some SEO tips that you should be implementing into your digital marketing campaign to boost your online presence for 2019.

Content is still king

While we did previously mention that as time progresses we tend to see some methods being used over others. Content has been the king of SEO efforts for a long time and it is still very relevant in 2019. Search engines including Google work and rank websites due to how accurate their results are in comparison to what you are searching for. To allow them to distinguish if a website that appears is relevant to your search term they analyse the content that is present throughout all of your pages.

If there is enough content that is well written and optimised for SEO it will recognise that the term correlates to your brand and will rank it higher than others. This very reason is why effective content creation has and for the near future will be the best method to improving your online awareness.

Create a blog and social media pages

This tip stems off the last point that we made of content being king. The more content you have the better and this way you don’t have to flood your website with walls of text. You get the opportunity to gain online presence and results through various other channels such as blogs and social media pages. Blogs are normally hosted within your website but in a separate location to your other landing pages. They are however also crawled by the algorithms of companies such as Google and Bing to understand what it is you do and what people should be searching for to find you.

Social media also allows you to capture a wider audience by appealing to other media channels. You can also link back to your main website through your social media channels to direct traffic to what you want people to see.

Improve the state of your website

SEO tips to improve your online awareness in 2019

Website design and the layout that you have implemented are also very important factors that impact your search results ranking. For starters if you look at your website and have noticed that it is hard to navigate chances are that bots crawling your website have noticed as well. This is both frustrating from a user and a SEO perspective. If an actual user can’t manage to navigate your website, a bot won’t be able to either and you could potentially have parts of your website that haven’t been logged at all.

This can heavily hinder your SEO ranking as you would have invested all of these resources into this content for it to have no return at all. Additionally it is also important to note that websites that are optimised for mobile devices are automatically ranked higher than those that aren’t.

Google recently stated that they would be implementing this feature because mobile devices account for the largest portion of searches and from such websites that aren’t willing to commit to the future shouldn’t be ranked at the top end of the scale.