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Twitter is officially removing its TV connected applications

Twitter seems to be taking a step backwards in its fight for domination of the digital video market, with the social media company announcing that it will remove its TV enabled apps on Xbox, Roku and Android TV on May 24th. The device connected apps allowed users to view video content from Twitter from the […]

Facebook unveils new marketplace for discovering influencers

With the rise of influencer based marketing, social media giant Facebook is trying to source new ways of attracting influential online creators and opinion leaders to their platform. Facebook is now developing a fresh platform to serve as an influencer marketplace that would enable marketers to connect with influencers that are relevant to their brand.

Google removes “Don’t be evil” from start of Code of Conduct

The phrase “Don’t be evil” has always prefaced Google’s Code of Conduct (CoC) since the year 2000; however the phrase has now been moved from the top paragraph of Google’s CoC to the last paragraph. Despite the change, the general encouragement not to be evil obviously still remains; it’s just not the primary focus of […]

YouTube to show users how long they spend watching videos

In an interesting move, Google has announced at its 2018 I/O conference their decision to roll out new features which allow users to see how much time they spend watching video content on YouTube. The decision is supposedly driven by the tech giant’s intention to facilitate in their users a better sense of digital wellbeing.

Instagram launches new emoji slider response for polls

With new features, developments, and innovations constantly being released by social media platforms, remaining relevant goes hand in hand with being trendy. While social media platforms initially had completely different value offerings for consumers, such a distinction become less pronounced with more developments. The incorporation of direct messaging systems and recent photo updates across Snapchat, […]

Klout announces application shutdown on May 25th

Launched in 2008, Klout is a website and mobile application that uses social media analytics to rate the social media influence of its user. By measuring the size of a user’s social media network and analysing other user’s interaction with their content, a Klout score between 1 and 100 is calculated.