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The 3 Hats of SEO: White, Black & Grey

There are a lot of different tactics and strategies used in the world of SEO. In general, most of these tactics and strategies used fall into one of three different categories, white, black or grey hat SEO. These three “hats” are very different in nature and SEO professionals certainly have different reasons to use each […]

How To Build Your Instagram Following

Social media is very powerful these days. If you develop the right social media strategy, there are quite a number of benefits you will see. There are a whole lot of different social media platforms out there to become a part of. So, have a think about who your target audience is, and which platform […]

E-Commerce and SEO: The Tips you Need for Success

E-commerce seems to be the way the world is moving, and has been for some time. The current COVID-19 situation has only just amplified the international need for e-commerce business, as most of the world is in lockdown of some sort of form and they are unable to leave their homes for extended periods of […]

Why You Need To Use SEO Analysis Tools

One of the great things about SEO is all the awesome tools that are available for you to take advantage of. No matter what area of SEO you are currently working on, there is probably a tool that can help you along your way. These tools are here to make your job easier and help […]

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. You should be spending a lot of time creating highly engaging content that specifically targets users with the right intent. The content on your website should help users answer a question and actually give them useful information. Google is constantly making changes in their algorithm […]

Avoid Bad Press Damaging Your Brand image

Let’s face it, you can’t make all of your customers happy 100% of the time. This will inevitably lead to negative press, which is usually found online. Bad online press can be even worse as the potential pool of people that can see it is much greater. Your online presence is vital to the success […]

Google Ad Tips To Make Your Dollar Stretch Further

Google Ads is a great way to get the word of your website out there. They ensure that your listing is visible and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your listing. Google Ads also work pretty well in conjunction with SEO, so you should consider running both these campaigns simultaneously. Unlike SEO, […]

How To Create Evergreen Content And Grow Your Traffic

You might have heard the term evergreen content been thrown around, but you aren’t really sure what it means. Evergreen content is relevant for many years to come, so people reading the content 5 years ago will still find the content applicable today. Evergreen content is the complete opposite to trending news stories. You want […]

How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

Videos are a great way to engage with your users. More and more people are turning to video content as their favourite type of content, because it is the easiest to consume. If you haven’t already, you should certainly be considering putting together a video strategy. Creating videos for your business and website can seem […]

Writing Tools To Help You Get More Traffic

One of the best ways to improve your rankings in search engines and get more traffic to your website is by creating awesome content that users love. Now, that is certainly easier said then done. There is a lot that goes in to create awesome content, so you need to be aware of everything. If […]