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How to Market During a Downturn – Part 1: Take Advantage of Quiet Competitors

If your business has been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, then you might think it’s a good time to scale-back your marketing budget and focus on riding out the storm. We’re here to tell you why you SHOULD NOT cut back on marketing, and instead take advantage of the fact that your competitors are […]

Why Digital Marketing Still Matters During A Pandemic

It’s an uncertain time. Coronavirus has well and truly impacted every aspect of normal day-to-day life, including business operations. This has forced many organisations to pivot their usual offerings and make changes to pre-existing strategies in order to abide by current restrictions and public health measures. For some business types, this pandemic has put a […]

Don’t Take It Personally

How to Handle a Bad Review If your business exists digitally in any form, odds are you will inevitably receive a bad review/s. It doesn’t necessarily mean your service/product sucks (though it could) but generally indicates a misalignment between your customer’s expectations and what was delivered. Essentially, your client wasn’t satisfied with the service they […]

Find Your >keyword< Match

Everyone has a type. So why spend your money casting a wide net out there for anyone, when you can go straight the ones you know you’ll match with? We aren’t talking about making human love connections here; we mean Keyword Match Types. So, grab some wine, light some candles and get ready for an […]

How NOT to Run Your Google Ads

We are coming to you today with a very important message –keep your ads up to date! Even the most innocent and well-intentioned advertisements can go terribly wrong depending on what’s going on in the world. For example, take a look at this ad for facemasks: SEO Shark TeamWe are a friendly and reliable team […]

“I’ll be back.” The SEO Nightmare That Won’t End

Imagine this: You spend a lot of money on professional SEO services and nothing else because you decide organic performance is most important to your business. After months or even years, your site is finally ranking on the first page of Google for relevant search terms. You’re elated, you’ve made it to the top, and […]

Sorry for the Bulls***

We have committed a terrible sin. SEO Shark TeamWe are a friendly and reliable team that pays detailed attention to your projects and management of your brand. Our team at SEO Shark has a passion for all things online. We constantly innovate using the latest professional techniques and strategies.

How marketing with social media can boost ROI

It is easy to question the benefits of social media when it comes to your bottom line. After all, how much should you be investing for a like, a share or a follow? Those are markers that don’t automatically add dollars to the balance sheet and can therefore be viewed quite skeptically by business owners looking […]