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How marketing with social media can boost ROI

It is easy to question the benefits of social media when it comes to your bottom line. After all, how much should you be investing for a like, a share or a follow? Those are markers that don’t automatically add dollars to the balance sheet and can therefore be viewed quite skeptically by business owners looking […]

The influence that social media has on SEO

The two worlds of search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media started out as completely separate entities. One was a key tool utilised to drive traffic to websites through clever and canny techniques that only the smartest of professionals could master. The other was social media. Yet as the passing of time has occurred, there […]

Important facts about search engine algorithms

The algorithms that are updated by the leading search engines are far more than just the small print on the Google terms and conditions. By and large, they help to define how you as an online marketer should operate, because failing to follow the rules and guidelines will make you almost invisible to potential visitors. […]

SEO tips for mobile app marketing

It is no longer acceptable for a brand to avoid the boom of the mobile app explosion. In 2018, smartphone use continues to accelerate and the applications that are installed are a direct function and result of that increase. Companies that market themselves as industry experts and innovators in their field like to speak a […]

Which social media platforms most influence SEO?

Social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) have been strange bedfellows in the past. One was viewed as a genuine science that integrated thousands of complicated algorithms to determine page results, while the other was a fun means of sharing and promoting content. As online marketers examine new and improved ways to score views, clicks […]

SEO advantages of mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-friendly is a buzzword that marketers like to throw around, but what does it really mean and is it a necessity for your business? Speaking in layman’s terms, more people own and operate a mobile phone than a desktop, laptop or tablet. By running a website that is friendly to the hand-held device, your enterprise […]

How SEO translates to better online conversations

The basic practice of SEO would be forever changed when Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm change on September 26, 2013. Until this phase of the search engine’s online lifespan, domain and page rankings were indexed according to their keyword performance and sticking to a key set of guidelines and principles that were fairly static. What […]

The most common SEO mistakes that websites are still making

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving to meet new trends in technology and audience behaviour. Businesses worldwide are quickly realising that, love it or hate it, SEO is essential to ensuring the visibility of your brand in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Naturally, as more people adopt SEO practises the rate […]

How engagement with social media helps SEO

How does social media engagement help your SEO? With Google’s ever-changing and secretive algorithm and the fast-paced nature of web content today, search engine optimisation is a tricky game to get your head around. There are many factors which determine the ranking of your content on search engine results so it’s important to consider all […]