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YouTube’s analytics update gives creators better insight into user behaviour

If you are using YouTube to generate content for your business, the new analytics update will be highly beneficial for you. With 5 brand new tools, you will be able to better measure your content’s performance and understand how users are interacting with your page. SEO Shark TeamWe are a friendly and reliable team that […]

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are experiencing a resurgence, what can you do?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. Find out everything you need to know about them and how you can protect you and your business from falling prey to them. SEO Shark TeamWe are a friendly and reliable team that pays detailed attention to your projects and management of your brand. Our […]

What you can expect from the June 2021 Google Core Update

The June 2021 Google Core Update began rolling out earlier this week. With the last Core Update taking place almost 6 months ago in December 2020, there are several changes that are important to note. SEO Shark TeamWe are a friendly and reliable team that pays detailed attention to your projects and management of your […]

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new advertising solution Unified Smart

Microsoft has recently announced their new advertising solution, Unified Smart. A range of key advertising tools will be available in one convenient place. This has been announced as an attempt to accommodate for all businesses, small and large, as businesses will only pay for their ad spend, not management or service fees. SEO Shark TeamWe […]

Attention all social media marketers: LinkedIn now has boosted posts and Event Ads

It’s official. LinkedIn has announced this week that you will now be able to boost your organic posts in order to reach more people. It has also introduced Event Ads and these two features combined will be highly useful for advertising your business on the platform. To complement these two features, Custom Streaming integrations and […]

The disagreement on H1 headings- how do you properly use them for SEO?

Within the SEO industry, there are various different opinions on how to properly utilise headings for optimal SEO results. According to an informal Twitter poll by user @CyrusShepard, there is almost a 50/50 split on whether Google recommends using a single H1 heading in your SEO content or whether you are free to use as […]

Google’s newest AI technology MUM teased at 2021 I/O conference

Google’s annual I/O conference began this past Tuesday with many interesting developments coming out. One of the most notable announcements was the introduction of a new technology called Multitask Unified Model (abbreviated to MUM). MUM builds on BERT, Google’s previous model, except it is 1000 times more powerful and has many more capabilities. The key […]

Google’s new ‘about this result’ feature could change the way we search

In the US, Google has distributed a brand new feature on their search engine. Now, when you search for a phrase or website, three dots will appear next to the website results that pop up. When these three dots are clicked on, a box containing information about the site will appear, allowing you to gather […]

New WordPress update 5.7.2 essential for repairing a critical vulnerability

WordPress have now released an update to their service that patches a recent vulnerability that was detected and determined as critical. As many businesses and individuals use WordPress for their websites, it is important to be aware of this vulnerability and the risks that it presents to your site. It is also important to update […]

Why you should create a blog for your business

Running a website for your business is an ongoing task. It’s important for both your customers and your SEO rankings that you regularly maintain your website and ensure that it is engaging. One of the best ways to show Google, and potential clients, that your website is one of value is to create a blog […]