4 Powerful Strategies To Optimise Ranking Of Your Low Traffic Website

Online marketing has turned to a major source of spending for businesses looking to ride the waves of the digital era – with website conversion optimisation at the helm of business success.

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Shifting trends in consumer behaviour patterns and the rise of social influences are forcing businesses to rethink their SEO strategies – especially when they are saddled with low traffic websites. Follow these powerful actions:

Undertake A Qualitative And Quantitative Audit

A qualitative and quantitative audit of how to boost your traffic will help you gain better insights into behavioural trends of your desired target audience. The qualitative analysis will help you understand why a customer may choose to buy from you over others.

You may use techniques like surveys, feedback, phone interviews and reports to help you gain better understanding of your target audience buying patterns. A quantitative audit allows you to take advantage of analytics, reports and heat maps to better determine where you may be failing, so that you can make meaningful changes to enhance search rankings.

Fix Everything Broken

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A poor user experience will slowly drive users away from your website and towards competition – an action that will kill your business in the long run. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of thousands to revamp the whole website.

Tinkering with everything on it is counterproductive, so look at tweaks that will optimise user experience and encourage people to stay longer on your website. Broken website issues include slow page loads, wrecked buttons and forms and contradictory calls to action.

Personalise Your Website Through Dynamic Interfaces

Personalisation is a powerful tool when it comes to user engagement for websites because it offers them a unique experience in comparison to other websites.

Eventually, this level of personalisation will transform your website into a dynamic sales-creating powerhouse, instead of a mere static interface. Personalisation tools are available to help you achieve the effect you desire when it comes to driving more traffic to your website.

Writing an emailSustain Your Call To Action Through Desktop For Enhanced Conversions

While mobile adoption has witnessed a proliferating increase, keep in mind that eventual conversions are still desktop dominated. The fact remains that mobile conversion rates remain one-third of desktop conversion rates.

Your website must be fluid enough to remain friendly on all kinds of devices, but you cannot discount the power of desktop campaigns.

Rather than gunning for a mobile conversion through sales or leads, your best option is to focus on capturing user emails, so that you can build better engagement through email campaigns. Creating an automated email campaign when a user downloads content or fills out a form will likely give you the conversion rate you’re looking for if you’re saddled with low web traffic.

Don’t let low web traffic ruin your business. These powerful actions can help you optimise performance with an eye on enhanced profitability.

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