5 Tips for Increasing your Facebook Page Engagement

Facebook is certainly one of the most powerful social media platforms. No matter the industry or type of your business it is very important to have a business Facebook account.

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Setting up a Facebook account means that you could potentially reach customers that you previously weren’t able to, as well as providing another means of connection with your existing customers.

It is not only important to have a Facebook account, but it is also crucial that you work consistently to improve the account engagement for your social media marketing.

Listed below are 5 tips for increasing your Facebook page engagement:

1. Post primarily when your followers are online

If your customers aren’t online when you are making posts then they are less likely to see it. However, it can be difficult to find the best time because different people are on Facebook at different times.

You can find when your followers are most active through the Facebook Insights. Posting when the majority of your followers are online ensures that they are more likely to see and engage with the post.

2. Use photos

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words, especially on Facebook. When your post is accompanied by a photo it is much more likely to see an increase in engagement. People like something visual to look at as well as reading your content. High quality photos are very important because your followers are more likely to look at the picture first and then read the content of the post.

3. Respond to your followers

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You are trying to get more followers engaged in your posts and when they do engage and write a comment you should always respond. This can encourage the follower to engage further, or even another follower to also engage.

Making sure that you are constantly monitoring your social media activity is important so you are able to quickly respond to any comments.

4. Ask a question

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective methods to increase Facebook engagement. When you ask your followers a question you are inviting them directly to engage with you and your business.

The type of question is important and it should be a question that is simple for the follower to answer (i.e. what are your plans for the weekend?).

5. Create a quiz or poll

quiz people asking

This has a similar effect as simply asking a question. A quiz or poll should be light hearted and is potentially more effective at engaging followers.

You should try to focus on relevant topics to your business’s industry as well as interesting topics that are common and likely to engage more followers. Allowing followers results to be shared is also another way to increase engagement and get more people involved.

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