YouTube to show users how long they spend watching videos

In an interesting move, Google has announced at its 2018 I/O conference their decision to roll out new features which allow users to see how much time they spend watching video content on YouTube. The decision is supposedly driven by the tech giant’s intention to facilitate in their users a better sense of digital wellbeing.

YouTube to show users how long they spend watching videos

Photo: StockSnap, Pixabay

The major firm believes these features will help their users in understanding their usage of technology. The features are centred on helping YouTube users create and maintain healthy habits.

Four features will be rolled out in the YouTube mobile app as part of this move to digital wellbeing.

Three features are expected to be made available in the next few days. These include a take a break reminder, which allows the user to set a reminder at set intervals of time.

For example, if a user was to set it every 20 minutes, a reminder would appear once 20 minutes had passed. The video currently being watched will pause until the user dismisses the reminder or resumes watching the video.

Another feature that will soon be available is a scheduled notification digest. This feature allows users to combine all the daily push YouTube notifications into a single, combined notification.

Users can set a time for this notification to be received, and after setting it up they will only receive one YouTube notification a day.

The YouTube mobile app will launch a feature that disables notification sounds and vibrations during a specified period of time daily. By default, this period will be from 10pm to 8am, but this can be adjusted by the user.

But the biggest announcement to come, a time watched profile, will only be available in a few months. This profile will be available in the Account menu and will include a daily average watch time, how long the user has watched videos for that day, the day before, and over the past seven days.

Tools which help the user manage their usage will be available alongside this feature. Such features indicate a movement towards managing digital habits.