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When you are writing for search engine optimisation, you need to make sure the content you are writing is engaging. No matter how SEO-perfect the writing is, if the content is not engaging, people will not read it. You need readers in order for your blogs and other articles to be effective. This is why you want to make sure that you write the most engaging content possible. Anyone can do it, as long as they follow five simple tips.

Use Proper Punctuation
Punctuation is key when writing effective and engaging blogs. You can do this by making sure that you follow some of the simple rules that exist in writing. The best place to find good advice on correct grammar and punctuation would be Strunk & White’s “Elements of Writing.” In “Elements of Writing,” the authors go through a number of scenarios to give the reader a clear explanation of how to use commas correctly. One such example of using a comma correctly is to make sure you use a comma after every item in a listing. So, for example, you would write ‘eggs, bread, and orange juice” instead of “eggs, bread and orange juice.” The latter suggests some odd breakfast where one eats eggs and some bready orange juice mixture.

simple languageUse Simple Language
Earnest Hemingway was one of the greatest English-language writers in history, and he was a great advocate of writers using clear, simple, and precise language. Since he was arguably one of the greatest writers to live, it is best we take his advice and write in a clear, simple, and precise manner. Doing so involves being as direct as possible in one’s language usage. So instead of using the highest level of vocabulary possible, use the most well-known words to ensure that all readers can understand what you mean.

Don’t Be Verbose
In addition, to ensure that your language is as clear and precise as possible, you need to make sure that you aren’t too wordy with your language. Wordiness can lead to long and confusing sentences. The best way to ensure that you writing isn’t confusing is to make sure that your sentences are as direct as possible. You want to make sure that nothing you write is too convoluted, because no one wants to have to parse out what you mean.

Write to Your Audience

Another key piece of advice to keep in mind is to write to your audience. If you are writing about legal practices, you don’t want to write in the same way as you would write to people reading up on the new Pokémon game. You need to make sure that you use the jargon that the reader is familiar with in order to keep your audience captive.

Be Informative
Lastly, information is currency in today’s society. The best thing that you can do for your reader is give them new information. By being as informative as possible, you give your reader the option of understanding something new, or leaving with a new take on something they already knew about prior to visiting your site. Either way, you are giving the reader some valuable information that will help them further.

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