Become a Writer / Ghost Writer / Blogger

content writing and seo

Are you an outstanding writer who is comfortable with styles: friendly, business-casual, succinct, informed, thought leadership? If yes, this job is for you! We are looking for people who love writing!

We need writers who can write about the following areas:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Google & search engine optimisation
  • Law
  • Shopping
  • Photography
  • Social media

You can write at our office in Sydney or at your home. You must be a native speaker.


You will be paid $150 for 8,000 words. We have different articles that require various word limits. No matter the range of word limits, you will always write minimum 8,000 words and be paid $150. After the articles have been accepted, the payment will be sent to you within 3 working days. Your articles must be completed within 6 working days. We will refuse articles which don’t meet our requirements specified below.

The payment is made via:

  • PayPal to your account – the payment is sent as “paid for services” within PayPal, or
  • Bank transfer – after receiving an invoice.

Requirements / How to Write:

While writing keep in mind the following requirements:

1)  The content must be unique – it means that it can’t be published previously or copied from different websites – this will be checked.

2) The content must be free of any grammar errors and spelling – you have to do proofreading prior to sending the content to us.

3) You should do research (if the content areas are not familiar) and don’t use any “scraping” software.

4) Structure your article:

a) Have a killer title (eg. “How to do…”, “5 best tips on…”, “Why you should do…” etc). You can read a great guide for writing headlines here:

b) Break up your article into several sections/paragraphs (no more then 4 lines per paragraph).

c) Use titles and subtitles (headings).

d) Use numbered or bulleted lists (if required) – this helps convey your thoughts in a more explicit way and makes your posts comprehensible.

e) At the end of your article summarise your thoughts 2-4 sentences (last paragraph).

f) Keywords – You will be given keywords to use in your content. Use the keywords in a natural way and don’t overuse them. It is ok if you use them 1-3 times and after that use synonyms or similar phrases.

For example, if the keyword is “PR company”. You might use this keyword 1-3 times and use similar keywords like “PR agency”, “PR firm”, “PR business”, etc.

g) 1 article should contain a minimum of 750 words and be of high quality. Avoid repeating content/sentences only because there is a minimum number of words to write. Write a post with insanely useful content. Always ask: “How can readers benefit from this?”

4) Deadline – all content must be finished within 6 working days (if you require more time, we should be informed about it).

Still intrested?

If you belive you are the right person, please send an email to katherine (@) and attach 3 examples of your writing.