How Worried Should You Be About SEO?

The Simple Breakdown Of Effective Seo

Whether you’re brand new to marketing your small business or you earned your MBA ten years ago, Search Engine Optimisation can seem confusing at best, and downright intimidating at worst. There are so many variables and ever-changing rules; it can feel as though you’ll never get it right.

The good news? You can stop worrying! SEO is not the complex maze of rights and wrongs that it seems – and the few actual ‘rules’ in existence are pure common sense.


keywordsBy and large the biggest SEO concern is that keywords are confusing. But they aren’t really that tricky, and they certainly aren’t life or death. What are they? Easy.

What is your business, website, blog or blog all about? Which words are people most likely to associate with your type of website? These are really the only questions you need to ask yourself when composing post titles, meta tags and virtually any other SEO-heavy task.

Keywords are one of the main ways viewers find your web content, and yes, that’s a big deal. However, since you are effectively the CEO of your web presence, you already know precisely what you’re offering. Keywords are simply a condensed version of your web space.

If there is a rule for SEO keywords, it’s this – keep it natural. You’ve probably stumbled across some websites (usually the kind you feel like running a virus scan after visiting) that fall into the trap of cramming. Cramming is just what it sounds like – stuffing so many potential keywords into a title or meta tag that the result sounds like pure nonsense.

Instead of cramming, keep it simple. Readers and viewers want to feel as though they’re dealing with a company run by people, not SEO robots. Taking the example of a fashion blog, imagine which post you’d choose to read:



The Best of NYC’s Fashion Week – Dresses, Accessories and More!

See the difference? One smacks of an Ebay listing, the other of quality writing.

SEO and Search Engine Myths

With surprising regularity, the same SEO myths seem to circulate through the internet, sending countless sellers and bloggers rushing to change up their sites. Why? These myths sound as though they could (or even should) be true. In reality, however, they’re just that – myths.

A persistent myth tells unsavvy sellers that using dashes will cause search engines to ‘ignore’ large portions of their title – everything past the dash, in fact. The reasoning is that since a dash is also a subtraction symbol, search engines subtract evfactserything past the dash. Not true! Search engines aren’t that stupid. Buyers and readers will find your content – dashes and all – just fine.

Another myth that just won’t go away has to do with capitalization. Put your title in ALL CAPS, the myth purports, and you’ll get noticed faster. This myth is even worse than false – it’s actually a great way to get your entire site disregarded by the biggest search engines.

Your Bottom Line

So, how much should you worry about SEO? Thankfully, not very much! Use common sense and create thoughtful, accurate and descriptive titles, meta tags and everything else – just keep things simple. Fresh, quality content will bring you far more viewers than a simple string of words.

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