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Things you can do with WordPress that you might not have known earlier

What is WordPress?

It is a software tool for blogging. Many websites use the WordPress platform for publishing content on their blogs. Features like templates and plug-ins that this software comes up with help a blogger to customize the appearance and design of the posts on their website. The most attractive aspect of this is that it is an open source blogging tool and entirely free, with all the features it can deliver.

Since the time WordPress founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released it, this tool has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Additionally, 18.9% of the top 10 million websites use this tool. With these facts, it is quite clear that a majority of people are aware of basic features and the WordPress login process.

Let us now look at a few amazing features that WordPress includes, which make a user’s life easier and reduce the hassles that go into ensuring an attractive website.

Automation tools

wordpress logosA marketer who understands the importance of engagement with the audience knows that his job is not done just by creating informative content. A thumb rule most of the marketers follow is to maintain an active engagement with customers who help your business. To achieve this, it is essential to respond to customer queries, reply to their comments, and send informative messages with regularity, in addition to other, similar activities.

WordPress utilizes automation tools like IFTTT, which make the job of marketer easier by helping to create an active engagement with customers.

IFTTT stands for ‘if this then that’. In the practical sense of the phrase, it stands for: this application lets a user trigger a specific action upon the occurrence of another event. For instance, if someone comments on your posts, then an email can be sent automatically to that person. Such triggering of events by connecting one action to another is defined as a recipe by the IFTTT platform.

Slick Quiz

Collection and the use of user’s data hold such paramount importance in marketing that it is coined as ‘Big data analytics’ in SEO terms. Even though it’s a traditional approach, an ever-successful way of understanding your customers needs is by conducting surveys, polls and short quizzes.

Slick Quiz is a free WordPress tool which allows you to make your own creative and customized polls with any number of questions. It is not this aspect of the tool that makes it special, but instead the ability of this platform to save users scores as well as share their results over social media that makes it unique.

Parallax themes

A lot of detailing is done in designing a website. An inherently narrative, attractive, creative, and user friendly website is imperative when considering design.

Parallax themes are design patterns which ensure all the above-mentioned qualities are included, enhancing the user experience as they scroll through your website. These themes can be easily built on a website by using platforms like HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery, and these are available on WordPress themes.

Ideal for blogging sites

Besides being a platform which helps in creating websites, the use of WordPress improves the appearance of the posts on a blog with the very effective WordPress templates. It may be time you start embracing it.

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