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Internet Marketing – A Flop without SEO

The importance of Search Engine Optimization

One of the most crucial elements of internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). While content is important, failing to optimize your website for search engines can cause you to lose a lot of visitors and take away one of the most important free advertising methods available.

a guy happyWithout proper SEO, your internet marketing venture can quickly become a financial flop.

Search engine optimization is a method of setting up your website to be ranked by popular search engines. In order to rank your website, a search engine must know what it is about. Since it is a machine and cannot fully evaluate content, it must rely on the information that is given to it by your keywords, keyword density, metadata, and the number of inbound links that are present.

The search engine scans through your website and uses pre-programmed algorithms to categorize your website based on the information it is given. When keywords are searched for, the answer to this algorithm determines where to place your website in the search results.

Search engines typically favour websites that use keywords at a specific density and those who use keyword phrases in a certain way. However, using keywords improperly or too often can cause you to be penalized by the search engine, which begs the question: Does a search engine only pay attention to website content?

Keywords in Your Code

To a search engine, your website is not a cluster of content and links, it is a series of code. A search engine scans the website code, which means that the first chance you have to present your keyword to the search engine is in the header of the code. As the search engine scans your code, it calculates the frequency and the relevance of the keywords used.

Monitor Your Inbound Links

goal in the midleInbound links are important to your overall ranking with search engines. If you have a lot of inbound links from websites that have been marked as irrelevant, this can seriously harm your ranking with popular search engines.

To ensure that the inbound links you cannot control do not drag you down, you need to make an effort to grab the attention of reputable websites and develop a relationship with them that makes them comfortable in adding your links to their website.

Creating Quality Content

In order to get quality websites to link back to your website, you must prove yourself to them. Make sure you provide quality, well-written content in every post. Do not simply publish a post because you promised yourself you would publish every day. If you cannot come up with quality content every day, hire someone else to write your posts.

Quality web writers can be found all over the internet. There are websites that specialize in becoming the link between countless professional web writers with website owners. Before committing to a specific writer on a long-term basis, have them provide a paid sample of their work. Never choose a writer because they are the cheapest, because with a writer, you get what you pay for.

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