4 Shrewd White Hat Link Acquisition Tactics To Enrich Your SEO Focus

There’s no doubt that earning good inbound links in SEO is challenging for any website, but the effort is greatly rewarding when you move up the ranks on search engines.

Many web masters make the dire gaffe of flooding comment sections of blogs to acquire backlinks. This is hardly effective and can eventually lead to penalties from Google – a major detriment to your SEO-enhancement efforts. Luckily, you don’t have to resort to such underhanded tactics to win good quality backlinks.

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Follow these shrewd white hat link acquisition tactics to enrich your SEO focus:

SEO clicksUse Your Blog To Link To Authoritative Blogs

A blog is meant to help you boost your search engine rankings and industry-related thought leadership by serving as a social tool.

If you use your blog to link to other authoritative blogs related to your industry in an opportunity-driven and organic manner, then there’s a good chance that they will reciprocate the favour.

Leveraging the strong depth of resources available on the web will enhance user experience of your blogs, which ends up becoming more rewarding in the long haul.

Design Compelling Industry-Focussed Infographics

Infographics have turned into a fantastic component for blogs and websites because of their share-worthiness. Most websites and external bloggers love to link back to sites or cite web sources with great infographics on their industry.

If you are able to design compelling, original infographics for your industry, you’re likely to find people linking back to you organically, which is a factor Google loves and rewards over time. Other visual content options like graphs, charts and pictures are also great white hat ways to earn backlinks to your website.

Source Opportunities To Author Guest Posts On External Websites

Some effort to boost your public relations profile through guest posts on external websites will hold you in good standing with Google and other search engines.

Sourcing these guest post opportunities on external industry-related websites will likely allow you to link back to your website, so make sure you have some valuable content to offer. This is an excellent white hat link acquisition technique, as long as you find ways to author topics relevant to the readership of these external websites.

Participate In Networking Forums To Build Relationships

SEO forums

You must find ways to participate in networking forums or social media networks related to your industry, so that you are able to build relationships with other webmasters. This opens the door to seek relevant inbound links when mutual-interest opportunities arise. A wide network of fellow webmasters will enable you to unlock more link opportunities organically for your website.

For instance, if you sell shaving accessories, you may want to attend a men’s grooming networking forum to build relationships with bloggers and media persons discussing similar topics. You can then get product and website mentions once you network with the right stakeholders.

White hat link acquisition techniques are best when you’re looking to build your SEO rank without getting penalised. Let these tactics help you put your best foot forward.

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