What is an SSL Certificate and Why is it Important?

Have you ever noticed that some websites have a URL that begins http:// and others with https://? The ‘s’ at the end of the http provides extra security and means that the website has paid for a SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a type of security for websites that have the potential to hold sensitive personal information including; consumer name, mobile, address and credit card details.

SSL certificate

An SSL ensures that there is a secure connection between the consumer’s computer and the host server of the business. If you are operating an online e-business it is imperative that all the personal consumer information remains private and secure, and this can be done through an SSL certificate. 

The top 4 reasons as to why having an SSL certificate is so important:

There are many reason for installing an SSL certificate on your website. Once of them is your SEO ranking in Google. Google gives a ranking boost to secure https/ssl websites (more here). Google says this gives websites a SEO ranking benefit by counting as a “very lightweight signal” within the overall ranking algorithm. Other reaseons of changing of having a secure certificates are:

Allows for Verification

When receiving an SSL certificate, you will also receive another type of protection which is called a server certificate. This ensures that all the information a consumer gives to you will go to the correct server with no interruptions.

This server certificate also shows to the consumer that the SSL certificate provider you have chosen can be trusted.

Encrypts Information

Encrypted Information

This is certainly the main purpose of the SSL certificate. It is now common that information submitted on your website will pass through more computers before finding its last place.

Each time the information ‘stops’ somewhere it means it is at increased risk of being hacked.

This is where the SSL certificate comes in! It places random characters into the information sent therefore meaning it is unable to be read by anyone without the encryption key.

Improves Consumer Trust

ssl certified protection

Consumer trust is one of the most important components to gain from a consumer and you can build trust with your consumers in many ways.

Branding businessThese days with more consumers purchasing products online, consumers are becoming more aware of the need to ensure their personal information will be kept secure.

By using an SSL certificate you show to your consumers that you care about their personal details and this will improve their trust in your business.

Increased Brand Power

By using an SSL certificate you can promote this on your website to show consumers why they should choose your business.

When purchasing the SSL certificate you will be offered site seals and other related images that will promote your use of a trusted encryption service. By displaying these images it gives your consumers an extra level of assurance that you will keep their personal details safe.

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