What is SEO and Why is it Important for Your Business?

What is SEO?

It is vital to have a well-planned SEO strategy in place when you are launching an internet marketing campaign for your business website. Without such a strategy, your website will get lost among the millions of other websites that currently exist online. If customers cannot find your company’s information online, whether your focus is on a brick-and-mortar business or an internet e-commerce site, they will take their business to your competitors. Your business will miss opportunities to reach new markets that the internet can help you access.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, helps filter through all of the users on the internet to find visitors seeking information about the products and services that your business offers. The most common way to use SEO is to embed keywords into your website’s content which reference the products or services your offer. These keywords are found by researching to find those that are most commonly used on search engines to look up businesses such as yours, no matter if you run a small day care or build airplanes.

These keywords can be embedded into blogs you post on your site, in descriptions of products you sell, or even in the captions of video content on your website. Using relevant keywords on the pages of your website will also help increase its position in search engine results. The higher up on the results page your business web link is, the more traffic your site will attract because it will receive more clicks. The more visitors you get to your website, the more apt you are to find new customers and increase your sales.

Why SEO is Important

The internet is the go-to source for finding local business information, whether customers are using it to find nearby pizzerias or searching for a place to get their vehicles serviced. Extensive research will find out whseo loopich keywords should be used in your website’s content to find the customers within your target audience who might be interested in your company. Keywords can be as simple as “pizza”, or they may be longer, such as “pizza near main street Boise.”

Search Engine Optimisation stretches across all the platforms you use to market your business. You will use keywords in tweets, within ads on other sites that link back to your landing page, or within blogs on your website to attract potential customers. SEO-based searches also help customers find you on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, which are being used more every day. Ignoring SEO strategies will mean limiting access to your website, and will make it difficult for your targeted customers to find your business website.

It isn’t necessary for you to hire an internet marketing specialist to come up with an SEO strategy for your company. With a little research, you can start building the strategy for your company’s internet marketing campaign. As your business grows, you can then hire professionals to help you update your strategy or come up with a new one.

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