What is link building and why is it important?

Link building is the most challenging and important SEO skills you will need for your website. Link building is the process of ensuring external pages make connections and ‘links’ to a certain page on your website.

This is so important because search engines crawl around the web using links; these links may be to different pages on your website or to a different website altogether. There are many different methods to link building (some better than others).

link building for SEO

Like most things in search engine optimisation, there are good quality tactics and poor quality tactics. Good quality link building is very hard to achieve and takes a lot of time and work. These good quality links are referred to a ‘natural links’, where external sites are linking to your website organically. Poor quality link building is almost always paid for and this is heavily frowned upon by search engines like Google.

If you are caught by Google paying for links or with any unnatural links, your website is likely to be penalised with a drop in your rankings. This is why it is best to stick to the natural link building and create genuine interest in your website.

4 reasons why link building is important for your website:

directions with links1. Links aren’t going anywhere

Even though SEO tactics and strategies are fast evolving and ever changing, link building is one of the strongest pillars of SEO marketing and it is very unlikely to change.

If you are not currently using link building, it is important that you take advantage of the opportunities this tactic offers instead of digging your heels in the ground.

Link building offers an incredible back bone to SEO methods and therefore it is necessary to start building links. Link building is also one of Google’s biggest determinates of their ranking and it is unlikely that Google will change this at any future time.

2. It is the best method to increase visibility

Sitting at the core of search engine Google’s search algorithm is links. Therefore if you introduce natural and quality links that Google likes, you are more likely to see an increase in your search engine ranking which will in turn increase your visibility and the traffic to your website.

However, it is important to remember that these links must be of high quality, and paid or unnatural links will only serve as a detriment to your website. Building relevant links means creating something that will be valuable and useful to readers.

3. Building links helps new relationships

Link building can result in a new relationship and vice versa. When trying to attain natural links it is important to build a relationship with business you would like to use your links. If you establish a good relationship it is likely that they will continue to link you on their website (and returning the favour can also to wonders for the relationship).

Connecting - links

Building a positive relationship can turn into something more than just sharing links and can also result in the two businesses working together in other aspects.

Barnding4. Link building increases brand exposure

When your links are on different websites this naturally builds brand exposure. The more links you have on different websites, the more opportunities consumers have to click the link and see your website.

As more consumers are clicking on to your website, this increases your brand exposure.

Links act as a vote of confidence from one website to another and if the link is coming from an extremely reliable website that has a lot of traffic, then it is likely that an increased amount of consumers will follow that link, resulting in further brand exposure.

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