What are Backlinks?

One of the most difficult challenges of SEO is creating effective backlinks for your website. Google has placed significant importance on backlinks; therefore effective backlinks could certainly improve your search engine ranking. Although, creating backlinks isn’t easy because quality link building takes time and knowledge and it is important to remember that not all backlinks are created equal.

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Before you start creating backlinks for your website; you should fully understand what backlinks and link building are, as well as the main types of backlinks. Once you understand the basics from provided by one of our best SEO experts, you will then be able to create more effective backlinks.

Backlinks: are referred to as incoming links towards a website or a particular webpage. It is important that your website has a large number of quality inbound links as this will directly impact your search engine ranking. Backlinks can either be one-way or reciprocal (although one-way backlinks have a much higher level of importance).

Link Building: this is where you secure backlinks to your own website that are from other sites. This is affectively a hyperlink that helps users go from one webpage to another. Search engines also use these links to go through your website.

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Main Types of Backlinks

look at backlinksArticle Links: This links are from published articles. These are natural and can be very powerful if they are coming from authority sites.

Directory Links: Links that are from directories, however, you must remember to keep these links relevant.

Blog Comment Links: This is created when you write a comment on someone else’s blog while making reference to your site.

Forum Comment Links: This is the same as blog comment links, however these comments are on forums.

Social Bookmark Links: These links are directing users to go on to your social media pages and share any feedback they may have.

Government or Education Links: Backlinks from trustworthy government and educational sites.

Link Bait and Natural Links: Creating quality content on your website will encourage others to backlink to you naturally.

It is important that every search engine optimisation service provider creates quality backlinks. The amount and quality of the backlinks on your website significantly impacts your organic search engine rankings. This is why if you don’t fully understand how backlinking works it is best to hire a professional.

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