Things that Prevent Your Website from Ranking Higher

Being on the top position of the Google ranking page can be very crucial. It is not easy at all. The primary concern is how can a website rank higher in a search engine and what are the things that are going wrong. The most common issues that every site faces are discussed below.

Optimisation of the Images

Site auditors have found that image issues are more significant than all the other issues that arise in a website. Nearly 80% of the issues were because of the images that were inside the website. About 25% of the issues arose because there was ALT attribute in the image.

img alt tag html

The image search of Google is known to search over billions of pages every day and yet the images of the website are not optimised. This is major concern. The images of the website need to have ALT tags because the algorithm of Google is not capable of understanding the description of the images otherwise.

Copying the Content

Content is known as the king of the website. It is through the content the audiences are able to relate to the website. Websites that have copied content in them can suffer from a number of problems. In case your website has such content then you should manage it properly and then clean up the site erasing all the content that has been copied. This will increase the credibility of the website and thereby increase the visibility of it. The contents of the website have to be of high quality if you want your website to rank higher in the ranking page.

Meta Descriptions

To gain the top position in the search engine there has to be meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are a very crucial piece of content that needs to be present for all webpages. If you are able to improve the meta description of your page then you will be able to enhance the click through rate in the result of the search engines.

Data Structure

The data that is there inside the website should follow a structure. However, it has been seen that there are many websites that lack a proper structure. If these make use of the structured data then they will be able to climb higher in the search engine rankings.

Optimisation of the Links

There can be several reasons why links are holding back the website. Generally, these are the links that are there in the website without any Alt or anchor text attached to them. Take initiative to clean up these links that push you down the search engine page. This will improve the experience of the user when they are visiting your site and that in turn will increase your visibility in the search engines.

Thus, you have to take the effort of finding out the exact issue that is holding back your site from achieving the highest SEO rank in the search engine. After that concentrate on the area that you realize is the most problematic part of the website.