Optimise Your Website for Maximum Engagement

Social Search Engine Optimisation

Gone are the days where you can think of search engine optimisation only in terms of what keywords you need to have highlighted and featured in your blog and pages. Today’s search engines incorporate the likes, the +1s, the shares, the Tweets, and the posts and even the comments themselves into the site’s ranking algorithm. You can have a great site, which is SEO friendly to the max, and still rank low if you are neglecting the fabric of our world’s social life – social media. This is why you need to focus on social SEO as well as traditional SEO.

facebook likeWhile you can get people to your site through a number of channels (ad space, word of mouth, social networking, etc.), if you aren’t engaging your visitors, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to increase your influence in the community of social media consumers. This step of social SEO is the one with the most choices. You can consider a number of things in your efforts to increase the social media influence that your website has amongst consumers. One thing to consider is should you use a like button or a recommend button? Some pages use like while others use recommend, which allows the user to write a bit about the article and syndicate it along their Facebook feed.

Google plusEven If You Don’t Like It, Use Google+
Sure, you may not like the way Google+ is positioned in the world, but you need to increase your engagement with it because people do use Google while connected to their Google+ account. When they search for your site and content in Google, you are showing up higher and higher in their search listings because of the social networking factor. This will help you rank higher than if you didn’t increase your presence on Google+. Additionally, why not spend a few extra minutes a day engaging Google+ and its millions of users. If you don’t, you’re neglecting potential customers.

Encourage Your Employees to Use Social Media

brandAnother way to get your brand ranking higher on social media is to have your employees post about the job they are doing in regards to your brand. While this needs to be well thought and well planned to avoid any unseemly social media snafus, the engagement of your employees can often be the best thing to keep you relevant in a saturated medium.

By focusing on your brand’s awareness on social media and keeping your site relevant online, you can increase your numbers effectively and efficiently while not seeming like you are actively trying to sell something. People like to be engaged and not sold to. They can tell if the information isn’t genuine and if you are just trying to use social media for your own gains. While you want to get customers to your site, you want to make sure that you don’t oversell, but instead increase the information you give to your customers.

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