Was Your Website Banned From Certain Search Engines?

SEO Tips to Rectify The Problem

So your website was banned by certain search engines, and you don’t know what caused the issue or how to solve the problem to avoid the same situation again. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate better SEO techniques into your website building.

bannedNever Use Duplicated or Automated Content

This is important, because search engines are not friendly towards this kind of marketing, and they usually ban websites that have the same kinds of content rather than new and interesting content. This is why you need to write content that has some uniqueness to it and that is relevant, in order to avoid being banned.

Ensure That Your Content Does Not Link to Harmful Websites

These websites include adult porn websites, non-kid-friendly websites, or websites that are illegal by law, such as child pornography or any sites that would promote some kind of criminal activity. When writing your blog, you need to research and look over the links you plan to use in it, so that you will include only safe and legal websites for people to link to.

Get Rid of Redirect Pages

Some website owners mistakenly believe that by using a few redirect webpages on the website, they can get higher search engine rankings, but in fact, this is what may get your website banned from the search engines. If you have redirect pages within your website, you need to get rid of some of them so that your website will remain in the search engines.

Stop The Keyword Stuffing

Too often, SEO writers feel they need to stuff their content with the same repeated keywords, and as a result, the articles look like spam material. If you have too much of this kind of material on your website, there is a chance that your website will be banned. Eliminate some of the repetitive keywords from your articles.

Fix Website Errors Frequently

Another reason some search engines ban websites is because the website owners always have problems on the websites, and these errors are rarely fixed in a timely manner. As soon as you or your webmaster notices a problem with the site’s operation, you should fix it immediately so that your website will not be banned.

Too Little or Too Many Outbound Links

When your website has too many outbound links, the search engines will assume that you don’t have enough interesting content, but if you don’t have enough outbound links in your content, they assume that you want to get high traffic in a way that is suspicious. You want to have a natural amount of outbound links throughout the website.

It is not a good feeling to know that the website you worked hard on was banned by the search engines, but if you use these suggestions and change the website around, you can experience gratification in knowing that your website is once again in full view for everyone to see.

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