Strategic Ways Twitter Engagement Can Shape Boosted Website SEO

Social media has exploded into every aspect of people’s lives – from personal to business. Without strategic Facebook and Twitter engagement, you’ll notice your business lagging behind more savvy competitors. Through Twitter, you can build strong networks and connections to change the way you engage with your target audience. But the success of any Twitter campaign depends on a myriad of factors. This guide arms you with strategic ways to use Twitter engagement for shaping boosted website SEO.

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Incorporate High-Value Keywords Into Your Tweets

You’ve probably already started using high-value keywords in your blogs to boost SEO ranking, so why not use these same keywords in your tweets to thrust your customer engagement upwards? Using well-researched keywords will make your Tweets more impactful and resonant with customers, which Google and other search engines are always looking for.

The hash tags you choose will also play a role in the way you use keywords, so always keep an eye on trending topics and insert your keywords when you’re looking to drive customer engagement and boost website SEO. When you convert keywords to hash tags, you improve search visibility, precision, intrigue and engagement with your target audience. Google rewards you for this organic engagement strategy by ranking you higher in searches.

Make Sure Your Twitter Page Has A Compelling Introduction

Introducing your business on Twitter (and other social media pages) is key to attracting followers, so make sure you write compelling copy to build your profile robustly. Your introduction needs to focus on these factors to resonate with your target audience:

  • An air of creativity.
  • Simple to comprehend.
  • Concise to grab (and hold) attention.
  • Clear contexts of communication.
  • Link back to your website.

A good introduction to your Twitter page will win you several followers, which is a huge positive for Google when it comes to building your website SEO, especially with links building superior customer engagement.

linking backAlways Link Back To Your Website

Sounds obvious? You’ll be surprised how many businesses fail to achieve this simple task – not on purpose, but simply because they don’t always know how SEO works. If you’re looking to strategically convert your online followers into tangible business prospects, you must link your Twitter page to the home page of your website.

After linking to Twitter, make sure you’re prepared to answer business queries promptly to enhance customer engagement.

You’ll also want to create a follow Twitter button on your website, so that your customers have a clear direction between your web page and Twitter page. A link to your website will not only attract more traffic through relevant customer engagement, but it will also build your credibility over time. Ultimately, this formula helps to boost your website SEO marketing tremendously over time.

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