How to Tweak Your PPC Landing Pages with SEO Adjustments

Improve your PPC landing page with SEO

PPC landing pages are fun to make but difficult to generate. In the World Wide Web, a piece of content becomes more valuable when it is able to generate more mileage. That is why; getting the search engine bots to crawl a page can be so intimidating. You have to go through all the trouble of testing, tweaking and optimisation just to make your landing page click-ready.

Wouldn’t your strategy become more efficient if you knew how to fine-tune your landing pages easily? Well, take a look at some of these simple tweaks that you can make to your PPC landing page to generate better results.

  1. search ppcAdding More SEO-Friendly Texts

A PPC landing page does not have to compete with anyone else on the search engine. So that gives you more opportunity to focus more on delivering promises that make a customer convert. Adding relevant texts makes your content user friendly and easily recognisable by the search engine bots.

  1. Tailoring Your Conversion Path

How traffic flows into a particular web page is something that is hard to track down. Customers tend to have a peculiar user behaviour online and therefore a PPC ad needs to be properly optimised so that they reach the right target audience. You need to be aware of the specific keywords that can be used to target your audience. Your Call-to-Action button texts therefore needs focused on particular business targets so as to generate higher sales.

  1. Reactivating Landing Page Navigation and Footer

Many marketers tend to remove the navigation and the footer from a landing page with the aim to draw the target’s attention on the objective. This is bad because organic traffic generally expect to see a fully functional website page. Arriving on a PPC landing page with no navigation or footer options places them out of the familiar, which again might not be preferable by many.

Search engine bots also need to understand the layout and the content of a PPC landing page structure to ensure proper indexing of an organic result.

  1. Incorporating the Optimised Page Into Overall Site Structure

Simply removing the Noindex tag isn’t going to propel your PPC landing page right on top of the search engine results page. You will have to convey the relevance of a landing page within a site by including it in the existing menus and internal linking structures.

With some of these minor adjustments made, you can pull back the organic results relevance of your PPC landing page back in no time.