Top 6 signs it's time to look into SEO

Top 6 signs it’s time to look into SEO

Search engines such as Google are extremely valuable for helping you to find almost any information that you may be seeking. With an endless amount of this material, however, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd if you are looking to be one of the websites that supplies the information. Whether you’re a business aiming to sell a product or a writer with something to say, it can be difficult to get your content out there and widely accessible to potential customers or readers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques can be the key to boosting your website and ensuring that it reaches as many people as possible and captures their attention. But how do you know that it’s time to really start focusing on SEO? If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your website, then it may be a sign that the time has come.

#1 You have low traffic

The most obvious sign that your website is in need of some sprucing is if the amount of traffic that it is drawing is less than desirable. Traffic simply refers to the amount of visitors who are engaging with your business by clicking on your website. If the number of visitors who view your content is consistently low or if the number has recently experienced a significant drop, this is a good indicator that it is worth implementing some SEO strategies to increase your page’s visibility and grow the amount of people who are engaging with it. The amount of traffic you gain is dependent on a range of factors that are all related to how effective both your content and your SEO strategies are. A drop in traffic or difficulty building traffic is one of the first and most important signs to look out for that indicates you should be considering exploring some SEO strategies or engaging the services of an SEO agency that can develop these strategies for you.

#2 You have a low conversion rate

low conversion rate

The traffic that you are attracting to your website is important, but it is equally important that this traffic actually results in something for you, whether that be a purchase, a subscription or some other desired course of action from visitors. Once your viewers have clicked on your page, it is the goal, particularly for businesses, to keep them there and to convert them into a loyal customer. If your traffic is decent but you don’t seem to be generating any sales or sign ups, this is potentially a sign that your website is unengaging or confusing for people who are visiting. SEO strategies can be used to determine what makes a website engaging for customers and how the information you provide can be communicated in a clear and effective way that will encourage people to use your services. These strategies may involve optimising your content on the page and giving people a clear call to action or ensuring that everything on the website works as it should to create a smooth and enjoyable customer experience. The combination of these factors will assist in boosting your conversion rates and will help turn curious visitors into people who want to keep coming back.

#3 Your ranking is low

Another key indicator that your website is in need of SEO is that you are not appearing as one of the first websites on the page when people Google keywords related to your industry or area of expertise. It is crucial for your website to appear high up on Google searches as nobody will be bothering to visit it if it appears low down. Customers are unlikely to click past the first page or two of Google so if your page is not appearing on these, it may be time to consider implementing strategies that will get you there. Both your traffic and hopefully your conversion rate can be increased by boosting your ranking as more people will actually see your website and be inclined to click on it. If this is backed up by a website that is instantly informative and visually engaging, customers will be more likely to stay on your page, explore the services that you are offering and become a loyal customer.

#4 You don’t understand keywords

understand keywords

Targeting valuable keywords can greatly improve your website’s traffic and helps to inform Google and its users of what to expect from your site. An understanding of what keywords are essential for your industry can greatly benefit your website. If you are unsure of what keywords are useful or how you should be using them, this may also be a sign that your website could be improved by delving further into the world of SEO and understanding the techniques you could be using to optimise your site. Performing well within your industry is largely dependent on the strategies you use to target popular keywords and ensure that you appear ahead of your competition.

#5 You’ve been penalised by Google

Google may penalise websites for certain behaviours which break their code of conduct. Whether breaking these guidelines is done intentionally or not, your website can suffer greatly from incurring one of these penalties. If your website has experienced a sudden and significant drop in ranking, this may be a sign that Google has penalised you for something. Being aware of how to navigate Google’s guidelines goes hand in hand with SEO and is hugely beneficial for effectively optimising your website in a way that will ensure you will not suffer from a penalty. Understanding this process is extremely helpful for boosting your website in a careful and considered way to ensure that your techniques are aiding rather than hindering your website’s success.

#6 You are unsure of how to analyse your website’s performance

time to look into SEO

Perhaps you have limited experience in the online world and are unsure of how to utilise the tools that are available to you to optimise your website. Failing to utilise these tools can be a huge missed opportunity for you to understand how people are interacting with your website and to tweak it so that it further meets your visitors’ needs and stands out from your competition. If you are unaware of these tools and unsure of how to use them effectively, this may be a sign that you should look into SEO or consider hiring an agency who can manage this for you. Being aware of how your website is performing and how to improve this is crucial for success in the online world. If you have yet to consider monitoring your website’s progress, this indicates that there is more you could be doing to boost your business and that it is time to look into these options.


If you find that any of the above applies to you and your website, take this as a sign that it is time for you to start exploring SEO and better understanding how it can work to boost your website and ultimately your business. If you are too busy or unsure of how to effectively implement SEO techniques, you have the option of outsourcing the work to an agency which can be beneficial for both saving you time and ensuring that you have experienced professionals striving to make your website the best that it can be.