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Social Media Optimisation – Tips, Tools and Best Practices

Social Media Optimisation – Ensuring Success

There is no question of being bad or good on social media; you just need to be yourself. SMO, or Social Media Optimisation, is the way you conduct social activity that helps attract a good amount of visitors, through an elevated search rank, to a website. SMO involves using a number of communities or outlets of social media that can increase publicity and thereby help create awareness of an event, brand or product. Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation have similar goals: to generate awareness and traffic for a website.

Following the few tips listed below can be of great help in Social Media Optimisation.

Set Goals and Define Objectives

Knowing the outcome you desire at the very start can help you to a great extent. This can be as simple as your sales influence, your credibility, your reputation, and your traffic/page views.

linksLink Ability

Increasing the link ability of your content can optimise a site for social media. Creating white papers, adding a blog, and creating thought pieces are some of the ways to do this.

Tagging content

By including a list of tags that are relevant, you can get your content to travel further and faster.

Access Made Easy

Making the content easy to view using short links like audio files, video files and PDFs allows it to travel further and can be tracked. This can prove if it is driving visitors to the desired site.

Knowing Your Target and Staying Fresh

Knowing whom you can target by listening to who is engaging with you, you can learn your audience. Keeping up on new challenges, products and tools keeps you abreast of all the changes in Social Media each day.

social media managerTools

Due to the ever-changing nature of Social Media Optimisation and marketing, the necessity of creating effective tools for research, marketing analytics and promotion has increased. Few of these tools play a great role in Social Media Optimisation. We have some sites that can gauge the social presence of a specific brand name or keyword. These sites can be of great help in checking and knowing whether keywords or your brand terms are registered as social profiles on different social media web sites. You can opt for Google Insights, which is a great tool for researching the different trends with regard to popularity of different keywords, either in a combination or their own.

Opting for the Right Practices

Besides following the tips and making use of the tools for optimisation of social media, adopting a few extra practices will ensure you end up at the top. By including the best practices for Social Media Optimisation, you can increase sales and engage buyers, turning them into fans and boosting conversions. Offering alternatives through widgets on the site when products are out of stock, focusing on the categories of the products and being able to link seasonal products with links in the description on the pages, and adding interesting and knowledgeable content to the product pages, are a few of the practices that ensure the optimisation of social media.

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