Quality Content: The King of SEO

Why is Quality Content the King of SEO?

content the kingThe constant push for content can leave some website owners and bloggers confused. Why is the need for content so great? There are several components to a website after all, so why is there such a considerable need to have new content? The answer lies in the way search engines find websites and rank them. It also lies in the fundamental reason for having a website in the first place, which is to reach the public. Understanding what content really is, and why it motivates a website’s audience, is the key to seeing why quality content is so critical to the life of a site.

There are three main components to every website. These components will either impress a visitor, or drive them into clicking their way off a site. The graphics or design of a website demonstrate the professional quality of the site. The hosting of the website allows for the technical quality. While these two aspects of a site are important, an audience will allow for issues here if they find the last component meets their expectations. The last component is the content. For those searching through websites for information, the content is the “meat” of the site. If they find nothing of interest to read or see, they will move on, and the ranking for the website will go down.

Search Engines Seek Content

Search engines do not care how wonderful the page design is for a site. Top search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, have formulas that seek out content. Without content, as far as these browsers are concerned, the page doesn’t exist. What these specially designed engines look for is what their users are seeking. In turn, they will drive more traffic to a blog or website that offers the words and terms most commonly sought by the online users. The words and terms are known as keywords, and while it’s important that blogs or articles on a site contain this language, they must also offer relevant information.

Defining Relevant Information

For a blog to flourish and gather an audience, it must have information that visitors are looking for when they use a search engine. While having articles or blog entries containing the same phrases or words used in search engines is strongly recommended, overuse of these terms can result in search engines ignoring a site, and lowering the page rank. What drives up the page ranking is content that provides helpful info that is written in a clear, understandable way.

Knowing What an Audience Really Wants

Keywords are easy to find. Most bloggers and website owners can find a list of keywords pertaining to their site’s focus very easily. Along with the terms, a website must then provide the type of facts, data, or related written material that readers are hoping to find. The writing should be easily understood, and offer some value to those searching for information.

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