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How to Make Your Backlink Profile Perfect

backlinksBacklinks are one of the most important factors that determine a website’s rank in search engines. These links are used by the search engine algorithms to determine the relevancy of a website to the query presented. They are also used for checking the popularity of the website.

Be that as it may, those new to SEO are often unable to determine if their backlink profile is any good. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain a high quality in your backlink profile.

Keep It Relevant
The backlinks in your website should preferably be from sources that are relevant to your niche. Google’s algorithms are good enough to identify the niche of your website. As such, the links pointing to your website should originate from sources that lie within that niche.

Go for Authority
Links that are sourced from authoritative websites are excellent for a backlink profile as they improve the authority of your website as well. Domains that have the highest authority are the .gov and the .edu sites. There are other sites with high authority such as the websites of major publishers. Try and generate backlinks from these websites to improve your backlink profile.


Get Natural Links

backlinksOn no account should you opt for paid links as they can ruin your SEO efforts and even get you a penalty. Instead, you must create a situation where people are willing to provide links to your website on their own account. In order to create such a situation, you need to make sure that your content is worth sharing. Therefore, ensure a high quality in your content, images and other multimedia present in the site.


Remain Consistent
Your backlink profile needs to have been built up consistently. It should not appear that you got more backlinks in a short period of time followed by complete inactivity. If that is the case, it can harm your website.


Get Brand Mentions
In order to improve the effectiveness of your backlink profile and general SEO efforts, you must try and get your brand name mentioned without any links whatsoever. These are brand mentions and they do not contain any links to your website. In other words, the brand is simply mentioned. The mentions must take place in other websites.


searchUse Correct Anchors
Google has updated its Penguin algorithm to give less importance to keywords. As such, you should avoid using keywords as your anchor text too much. Doing so can harm the authority of your website and even impact your ranking negatively. Instead, anchor the links to text in a natural manner. The words being used as anchor text should not seem to be forced with respect to the content.


Improve Link Navigation

The content being linked can have an impact on the value of your backlink profile. Make sure that the links are creating a connection between relevant pieces of content. If the article is about a product you are selling, the link should connect it to that product page and not your homepage.

Backlink profiles have to be managed extensively. However, the benefits provided to SEO efforts by these backlink profiles are immense.

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