How long does it take to be on the first page of Google?

Fast SEO Results

It’s important to understand that organic or ‘White Hat’ SEO is a long term process. At SEO Shark, we adhere to the strict ethical guidelines laid out by Google, and because of this, it usually takes at least 3 months for visible results (more if your keywords are highly competitive).

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Found a quicker approach?

Have you ever heard of the term “Too good to be true?” Whilst other companies can often get you to the first page in a quicker fashion, it’s often done unethically. ‘Black Hat’ SEO relies on acts such as spamming, and is highly frowned upon by Google. A common case for those caught utilising these methods is a prolonged ban from Google services, sometimes for as long as 12 months! Think about how that would affect your online business, and make the right choice!