What is Your Target Audience?

How to research your target audience

If you’re going to implement effective SEO principles into your website, you’ll need to research your target audience, so that you can reach them better. The first step is to write down detailed information about what you’re selling. Then, interview different people who fall within your target audience and ask them what they would want in a product that is similar to what you’re selling, as well as what they’re currently using and why. Another thing you want to do is read through different consumer studies on people who fall within the target audience for what you sell through the website.

Utilize Keyword Suggestion Tools

Now that you know who your target audience is based on research, it is time to compile a list of viable keywords to  use throughout the content in order to draw in more of those who are likely to buy your products. For example, if you’re selling homemade chocolates and your target customer base is mostly young women, you may use keywords such as “gifts for women”, “chocolate gifts for women” or “boxed chocolates.” Online keyword suggestion tools are of help in coming up with the best keywords.

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Localize Your Research

It is always good to localize research about your target if you have a local business website, and one idea is to watch local newscasts about the kinds of products you sell and which consumer groups in your city are buying the most or least. Read through the local newspapers and local independent magazines for these clues as well, and you can also walk inside local stores that sell products like yours to see which items are popular among local shoppers.

Research The Industry Itself

people asking each otherNot only do you want to know what your target customers are buying, you also want to research the industry that your product is related to. If you’re selling hair weaves and beauty supplies for minorities, then you’ll need to research the latest trends in the beauty supply industry, as well as the average number of sales nationwide and what the future looks like in the industry.

Attend Trade Shows

This is another good way to research your target market so that you’ll improve your SEO marketing techniques for building your business website. Most trade shows have vendors that sell products similar to what you sell. Go to their demo presentations and ask questions about how their products are different from others on the market.

When you know your target audience, it becomes easier to build your business website with SEO techniques. Make sure you follow basic SEO principles, and periodically you should update the website so that it stays relevant. Submit your website to online directories, and make sure you have some blog posts that will help readers understand how your product benefits them. Use highly searched keywords in your content, and also include high-quality backlinks that will lead to different pages within the website.

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