The move from tactical to strategic SEO

SEO is ever-evolving and in previous years many thought of SEO as a tactical approach to reaching your goals. However, times have changed and now if you truly want to improve your rankings then your thoughts have to be strategic.

SEO Strategy

Your SEO campaign is likely to be more successful if you have a clear strategy developed. Search engine optimisation now has clear strategic impacts on a lot of different aspects of your business.

SEO has a strategic impact on the following areas:

1. Impact on Branding

SEO Branding

Even though branding and SEO aren’t usually thought as having an impact on each other, these days they actually do. Good strategy will positively affect consumer’s image of your brand.

Branding also share the common goal of increasing visibility that will in turn result in higher sales and turnover rate. When developing your strategies you also develop the idea of how you want consumers to view your business. If your business is viewed in a positive light this will make SEO easier.

Speed to market2. Market Share

Market share has always been important and it is a clear indicator of how you are preforming against your competition.

If your website is ranking high in search engines then it is likely that your traffic and revenue will increase. Not only this, but you will also be taking revenue from your competition. This is why it is important to judge how you are ranking against your direct competitors.

Therefore if you or your SEO company can master the game, then you are going to beat the competition and take some of their market share.

3. Potential for New Product or Service Development

Product or Service Development

Search results are given in real time and with enough data you can accurately predict what consumers are looking for. If you find that consumers are looking for a product or service in your industry that you do not provide, then this allows you to develop it and give the customers what they want.

This is cheaper and sometimes even more effective then running the traditional focus groups to find out what consumers are after.


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