Is Your Content Marketing Strategy SEO Optimised?

Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to know the single biggest truth why your content marketing strategy is failing? No there is nothing wrong with your content. The problem might be with your implementation of the right SEO techniques.

Many writers can pen you down some of the most beautiful content that you will ever come across. But few can give you a sound SEO optimised content write-up, which however is one of the vital techniques to bring you more visibility online. If you want to get more visibility and improve your ranking on the search engine, it is necessary that you also focus on the technical aspects while simultaneously producing great contents.

Creating SEO Contents is All about Being User Friendly

SEO strategyThis is the new SEO strategy in content marketing. And what makes a content abide by the new SEO practices? By taking into account the following factors when writing content for your target audience.

  • Usefulness
  • Relevancy
  • Helpfulness
  • Readability
  • Comprehensiveness

Remember, you are making content not for the search bots to crawl but rather for the  users who are surfing the net for relevant information. The Google search bots are programmed to measure how audiences behave with particular content. Some of the main metrics that they use to measure are – the total number of clicks people make, the total duration spent on the particular page, the scroll-ability of the content and the conversion path of the write-up.

When the search engine delivers content following a user’s search, it also measures the relevancy of that content. This helps them to rank particular content online and according to which, the visibility is also determined. If a person clicks into a result only to immediately click back, then it is an indication of being ‘unsatisfied’. Search engine bots seek for longer clicks and to make this happen, business marketers need to make sure that their content is user friendly.

SEO and Content Marketing Overlap

How you present your content to users is a primary thing to consider in digital marketing. Which is why, apart from producing user friendly content, it is also important that you have your basics implemented the right way.

  • Make Your Contents Mobile friendly

Every website is mobile. With the increase in smartphone usage, almost every website today has a responsive design layout. In that case, you should not also leave out your content presentation. Short content is more in trend right now. They make reading easier, faster and accessible from any device.

  • link buildingLink Building

While it’s okay to write for online sites, it is also important that you have your contents ready for offline promotion. This brings you traffic from places other than where you have already placed your marketing strategies. Make sure not to miss out on these strategies:

  • Submitting high quality blogs on reputed sites
  • Creating amazing social media campaigns

There is no point producing beautiful content if you cannot make it reach out to your target audience. Whether you are writing on-site or off-site content, SEO techniques must be used to allow the Google search bots to easily identify your content and deliver it to the right target audience.