Every business must have a social media profile!

An active social media profile is vital in improving your visibility on the internet.
Business operators can harness the power of social media to promote their products and service offerings for free. At the same time, they can improve their brand awareness and equity.

Depending on the industry, social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, provide daily reach to millions of internet users not only in Australia but also worldwide.

Attractive posts are ‘liked’ by different users who are willing to share the post with their friends.

The key to a valuable and popular ‘fan-page’ is constant interaction with users, which involves  replying to their comments and messages (including any inappropriate messages!). Doing so is an integral part of discussions on social media networks. Having a ‘dead’ profile does not contribute to success. Posts must be smart, responsive and related to your industry. See some examples here.

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When was your last post on your Facebook profile?

How many fans do you have and how many of them like your posts? Having a profile which is inactive has a negative impact on your branding and also on search engine optimisation.

FaqCan you imagine if you are on a website and the last post that you can see was made 1 month ago (or longer)? What do you think about the profile’s owner? You would probably think that they’ve closed their business, or are not with the times.

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