Top Social Media Trends in 2016

The landscape of social media is continuously changing and it is now more important than ever to stay on top of the trends to ensure your business remains relevant. It is important that you are not only aware of any new trends but also you implement strategies to ensure you are on top of the trend.

Social Media Trends

It is important to jump on board with these trends (if you aren’t already) so consumers are aware of your business and they understand that you are actively trying to remain relevant.

smartphone Use of social media on smartphones is increasing

It has been a slow incline for businesses to make their social media posts more mobile friendly. However, the increase in consumers using their smartphones to access social media continues to grow exponentially every year. If your business doesn’t embrace this 2016 trend it is likely going to be your downfall. Research shows that 70% of searches on a mobile phone result in an action. This could include liking a post, clicking on to the business website, sharing the post, etc.

Instagram advertising is taking over

Instagram advertising is the newest trend. Big brands are looking towards the most influential users on Instagram to market their products. For example, businesses pay Selena Gomez (the most followed Instagram user) around half a million dollars every time she posts a picture with a certain product. More and more celebrities and brands are getting on board with this form of social media advertising. You might not have half a million dollars to pay someone to advertise your product; however there are many influencers on Instagram which are related to the industry your business is in; you just have to find them!

Live streaming

Live streaming

The live streaming video function on Facebook is becoming very popular (whether it is used by individuals or businesses). Facebook favours video content over written content which allows the videos to be seen first on an individual’s news feed. Consumers like watching videos live; there is a sense of authenticity and they feel as though they are a part of something. Users watching the video live are able to ask questions and the person in the video is able to see and potentially answer the questions almost instantly.

No more hard selling

It is no longer appropriate to employ the strategy of hard selling on social media. Hard selling is where your social media posts only contain product information and information about selling a product or service. The recent social media trend has seen the downfall of hard selling and the incorporation of other types of posts. For example, visual marketing and sharing – i.e. uploading pictures that isn’t just about selling a particular product. Posts with pictures are tending to get more engagement. Consumers no longer what to be talked at, they want to be talked to and included in the conversation.