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Why You Need to Use SEO Tactics on Social Media Sites

How Social Media Helps Your Ranking

While optimizing your website content is critical to improving your rankings on search engines, once you have a handle on that aspect of your web strategy, you need to develop your social media strategy. Search engines like Google use social media to help measure your website’s popularity, and it can affect your site’s ranking on results pages. It is imperative that your business has a social media presence in order for it to succeed in today’s marketplace.

social mediaWhen you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you will develop followers or friends that can read the posts, tweets and pictures you put online. You can use these followers to help you spread your website’s content on the internet. Whenever you post a blog or a new article to your site, post or tweet a link on your social media accounts.

Not only will some of your followers read your content, but also they may share it on their accounts if they find it to be informative and/or interesting. When followers share your links, their followers can then access your blog or content and read it. If they happen to like it, those followers may then start following your account so they can stay updated on your company. This will help create buzz for your business, which can result in higher rankings on search engines.

Optimize Social Media Profiles

When you set-up your social media accounts, you will want to completely fill out your profile information and optimize it to help potential customers to locate business online. Make sure that the “About” or “Information” sections of all your social media accounts have been filled out and include pertinent information for your business on your profiles, such as your telephone number and location. Add a link to your business website on every profile, and link to your social media accounts from your website.

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Optimize Your Tweets and Posts

facebook twitter google plusInclude some of the more relevant keywords for your business whenever you post or tweet on your social media accounts. In addition, include your business name in these posts or tweets because then Google will learn to associate those keywords with your business name, increasing your chances of attracting potential customers. When you do share your site’s content, especially on Twitter, Google with index your content in their database faster.

Which Social Media Should You Use?

There is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are the kings of social media, since they have the most users, so you will want to have accounts on both sites. However, don’t forget about other social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Google +. These social media sites are increasing in popularity, especially Instagram and Pinterest. Those sites can be used to post pictures of your company’s products, before and after photos of company projects, your company logo, or the latest print ad for your company. Don’t join all of these sites at once; focus on one at a time to get the best results.