What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the unique process of helping your business branding through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social network platforms. It’s all about promoting your business or website through such social media websites. There are unique details you need to know about this marketing process. Let’s pinpoint them:

  • Social media marketing focuses on the social aspect of the internet. It is aimed at connecting people together through diverse means.
  • Aside from using popular social media platforms, the process involves the use of blogs, viral videos and social bookmarking sites to improve your marketing campaign.
  • The marketing process involves generating web content that can attract readers’ attention at any time. Such content may also encourage readers to share what they read with others across popular social media platforms.

Popular social media marketing platforms
Social media marketing is not carried out in isolation. There are popular platforms that are often used for the enterprise.  Let’s examine them.

Facebook logoFacebook
Facebook remains the most popular social network platform that is mainly used for social media marketing. It attracts millions of users on a daily basis. Both the old and the young use Facebook daily. Companies and businesses create special pages that they use in marketing their products and services across the network.

Twitter LogoTwitter
Twitter follows Facebook in terms of use and reputation. It’s often used for effective social media marketing. Users create Tweets and share them with others in order to generate leads.


Google Plus LogoGoogle+
Google+ is the social media platform owned by the famous Google corporation. It gives users the room to share all manner of posts and information with ease.

Aside from the three networks mentioned above, there are other platforms that are used often for social media marketing. Among them include LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, and  others.

Why go for social media marketing?

social media managerThere are lots of benefits attached to social media marketing. In the first place, you can easily promote your business and website through the marketing process. You can let the whole world know more about the kind of products and services you’re offering.

Secondly, you can build a formidable customer base and attract customers’ loyalty to your brand. You can also make your brand more visible through the process. Your business and website will gain tremendous exposure when you keep engaging with customers or clients.

You can also generate enough traffic to your website, and gain more leads and sales when you engage in social media marketing.

Moreover, your website can rank higher in search engines when you engage in social media marketing.

In all, there’s a lot you stand to gain when you engage in regular social media marketing. The obvious benefit is the potential for sizeable business expansion.