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Social Media and Its Impact on SEO

5 Important Points to Know about Social Media and Its Impact on SEO

Social media has continued to make a tremendous impact on SEO. It’s indeed very difficult to run a successful SEO campaign without the use of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and others. All of these media networks are very important for successful SEO. There are five points to note in this regard:

  1. Social media boosts search rank

This is the first point to note. Search rank on popular search engines is often enhanced when there are vibrant activities on social media platforms. Websites with profiles on social media networks tend to scale higher ranks in most search engines.

  1. social mediaSocial media profiles rank higher on search engines

This is indeed true! Google and other search engines rank social media profiles very high on their platforms. However, this is only for social media profiles that are regularly updated with the latest facts. It’s usually very important to attract more likes, comments and shares on the profiles. This further enhances the search engine rank of the profiles on a regular basis.

  1. Social media channels are the same for search engines

These days, social media channels are considered the same for most popular search engines. It’s common to see online surfers use social media channels to search for information online instead of using Google, Bing or other search engines directly. However, the generated results are often the same at the end. Hence, one can say that social media and search engines work hand-in-hand.

  1. Social media boosts traffic

trafficThis is yet another point to note. It’s very easy to generate enough traffic through social media platforms. Usually, traffic is very important for SEO. The more traffic generated, the more the online presence of the website is enhanced. When traffic is boosted, the website involved can rank very high in search engines.

  1. Social media ensures enough ROI for SEO

It’s quite possible to generate enough returns on investment through social media. Any amount of money spent for SEO is usually recovered within some time. The continual usage of social media networks makes this feasible. An online presence is usually enhanced each time there are updates on most social media platforms.


Indeed, there’s a lot to know about the impact of social media on SEO. There are many more facts to grab. SEO is fast becoming an enterprising venture since the invention of social media platforms. Today, social media marketing and advertising are ongoing across the net.  Most websites with social media profiles are ranking high on Google and other search engines. The site owners smile to the bank on a regular basis. They end up getting 100% returns every single time they spend on enforcing an SEO process.

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