How to Best Run SEO and Social Media Campaigns Simultaneously

One of the ways your search engine ranking is determined is by the amount of times your article is shared. If an article is simply liked or retweeted, those signals aren’t counted towards ranking in search engine algorithms. In order to ensure that articles are shared on social media, it is critically important to include social sharing buttons on your website.

Depending on the web platform, whether WordPress, Shopify, HTML5 site or other type of coded website, it is imperative that your web developer includes social sharing buttons to boost your search engine optimisation ranking. This will make it easy and effortless for your audience to share your article.

SEO strategies with social media marketing

SEO and social media will be more effective together!

Treat your content as something that offers incredible value. The types of content that is shared appeals to customer’s pain points, or strokes their egos in a huge way.

If you can evoke some kind of really positive emotion in your customers you are more likely to get a sales conversion, or at the very least a social share. This creates more organic traffic going to your website.

Designing Content to Create Sales Conversions

Firstly, if you position in your mind that you are foremostly a problem solver, and that your customers are in a particular situation or circumstance, and you have a compelling reason for them to buy from you, this mindset will get you sales conversions.

The foundation of any campaign design is firstly understanding your own value added positioning. What is it that sets your business apart from another service provider, and how are you going to communicate that, and where do you find the right audience demographic? Where your audience is mostly located is where you will find your bread and butter.

If you understand your target audience, their demographics and their pain points, or how to make them feel incredibly good, this gives you a perfect foundation to design your content. A lot of businesses or startups fail to put in research about where lucrative markets are, or don’t really get into a targeted niche.

They attempt to offer a lot of different services, and as a generalist service have to compete with a lot of the same type of service providers. Niche content creates a far more opportune way to create sales conversions. More sales are made, and more revenue is made from product purchases who are using purchase intent combined with long tail keywords.

This strategy is located chiefly in the niche market; the traffic to the website may not necessarily be large, but the buying rate compared to the number of site visitors is relatively large, creating a profitable income stream.

Where you are in a general type of industry, and you are looking at strategies to position yourself as a leading product or service provider, it is important to monitor consumer behaviour.

Growth can be in the way of dropping off some types of clients that are not suited to your business, and you could choose to specialise in offering products and services to specific industries in order to hone and focus your own skill set.

digital marketing and SEO agency

It is important for you to properly monitor and manage consumer behaviour.

If you are able to cut through trying to understand a wide audience, and having to spend a lot of money to generate traffic without necessarily getting sales conversions, there is a failure in two areas.

One is that you are not truly understanding your potential customer’s circumstances and what will motivate them to buy, and the second is that you are trying to reach too wide of an audience, and your content is too broad scope, so the masses are glossing over your content, as they see it as irrelevant.

To successfully combine social media marketing with search engine optimisation, the prime focus is on understanding purchase intention. From there the design of a synergistic campaign can be thoroughly detailed and enacted.

The right niche, even in a general type of product and service enterprise should be focused on, and this is on playing to your strengths. If you have had a particular interest in one type of lucrative market, and you know a lot about it, utilising a Warren Buffett type strategy, by knowing your market will mean that you create a hotbed of success.

For example you may have a background in the medical industry, consumer goods, farming industry, aged care or beauty industries. If you own a cleaning business, you may position yourself to be a specialist provider of cleaning services to that industry.

It means you can focus your content on the unique needs of that particular industry, which will create a compelling reason for your customer to buy from you. A plant nursery or security screen factory will have vastly different requirements to that of a beauty clinic. When you understand the unique needs of your consumers, and can remove those pain points, you can watch your sales conversions go up.

When you have focused on your niche, and you have researched in every single detail the circumstances your buyers are in, this makes it far easier for you to perform keyword research and also to create content that offers genuine solutions.

The content provides reasons that are persuasive and backed by solid evidence that the consumer will move from a situation of frustration to a situation of ease and refreshment. Imagine doing that for your customer. It is a far easier process if you understand their circumstance, and how you can write their future as a being effortless and painless.

This process of firstly understanding your industry, then focusing on a niche in order to target the right audience (preferably one with a high likelihood of purchase intent) and then creating content that persuades (with substantial evidence) the site visitor of all the benefits of being assisted by your enterprise into moving into a better situation will then push the design of your social media campaign.

SEO strategies with social media marketing

Your social media campaign needs to be designed with your target audience in mind.

When everything is designed around understanding, and documented with a plan, the rate of success is far higher in creating sales. Dr Joe Vitale in his book “Hypnotic Writing”, told the story of how one of his clients created a product selling a course in Emotional Freedom Technique.

The product creator wrote the sales copy, and they had no results in sales conversions when they sales copy was poorly written. When the writing was changed to truly reflect the circumstances of potential buyers, and how they would be moved to a better circumstance through the purchase of the product, they experienced a huge surge in traffic and went from $0 in sales over a number of weeks to $8500 in one day.

Content is Powerful in its Ability to Create Conversions

If one change in sales copy creates a huge surge in sales conversions, it is then imperative to have well written content. A content writer that understands SEO, keyword research and the needs of your consumer base will be able to provide you with a greater return on investment than a generic content mill would.

When your website is designed with social sharing buttons, and you have viral type content, and position yourself on the social media platforms where your audience frequents, you are in a much better position to turn leads into paying customers. Social media marketing includes performing a lot of research into your target demographic’s behaviour.

Targeting the Right Social Networks

To find where your gold mine is, you have to go prospecting. Imagine that you are surveying a vast landscape of potential places, and in that large vast territory is the potential unearthing of an incredible amount of riches.

Your tool to help you detect where those goldmines and other precious gems are located, similar to your metal detector is your research. Your research will arm you with the tools you need to direct your prospecting. Each potential social media platform will be the right type of place to engage directly with your potential buyers.

There is very much always the multi-channel approach, and a lot of businesses do in fact engage with their audience across multiple channels. The most lucrative social media platforms should be well researched. You should understand the demographic in your audience and focus your understand of their circumstances.

digital marketing and SEO agency

It is best just to choose a few social media platforms instead of trying to master them all.

Position yourself as the corporate entity who can shift them from one challenging circumstance, to be effortlessly and easily taken towards a new and fresh outlook. They will either have their pain points eradicated, or be pushed to a new level of enjoyment and inspiration.

Those are generally the two circumstances at the core of any buying motivation. Of course this would be far easier for you, effortless, painless and time saving to outsource customer acquisition to a digital marketing and SEO agency.

Social Networks and Their Audiences

It is far easier to invest money in the right areas when you get a better return on investment. Understanding the social networking platforms and what they are best for will lead to better outcomes for both yourself and your client base.

They need your solutions to enter into a better circumstance, and when you outsource this painstaking, difficult and tedious research job to a digital marketing and SEO company, you alleviate a lot of the pain and effort it takes in finding customers.

An overview of social media platforms and their demographic:

  • Facebook users tend to be under 30s, on the whole. Luxury brands find far more success in advertising in magazines in order to push their goods. Fast moving consumer goods such as T-shirts and other items are best advertised on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn has a deluge of professionals and gainfully employed people, the best times to advertise to them is between Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning and the end of the work day.
    • They are best targeted with content that is focused on improving their daily lives, business and strategy information, corporate practice, vocational information and enterprise products and services that increase ease and convenience in the work place.
  • Pinterest is a large social network that has a lot of article sharing; the audience that participates in this is chiefly focused on food and home making ideas, and also on parenting and family issues. Products and services that are associated with this market do well on Pinterest.
  • Twitter is chiefly a place where people get the latest news. The headlines are brief and this means that the members of Twitter can quickly get an overview of the latest headlines and other types of relevant topics of interest.
  • Instagram is a huge market for the under 35s with more focus on fast moving consumer goods, apparel, media and other forms of entertainment. Sales conversions targeted towards these types of products happen here. Instagram is the home of the hashtags!
  • Tumblr is an interesting social media platform; given that the majority of users on Tumblr make less than $30,000 per year, and that the majority of visits are from desktop sites, this is the best place to have a high turnover of low cost consumer goods, particularly in alternative type markets.
    • The content here should be directed in a way that appeals to youth markets, and unique self expression. There a lots of opportunities for indie operators here.

Strategic Thinking and Your Business

SEO strategies with social media marketing

Take your time to think about how your business will appeal to potential customers.

If you take a step back, and look at your current range of products and services, you may find that they’re not doing as successfully as what you would have liked.

If you repackage them in a way that will appeal to the right audience, outsource your marketing to a professional SEO and digital marketing agency, then you’re on the right track to start making money from your products and services.

The way to imagine however, is that instead of launching a new product, that your product is being launched all over, this time in a way that is successful.

When you are armed with the right knowledge and tools, you can put your products and services out there to the right audiences, and when you consult with your campaign manager, design a “launch” that will rise your brand recognition to stellar levels of success.

A product launch is skillfully handled by a digital marketing and SEO agency, and they specialise in focusing on your needs as a business, and getting your brand in front of the right audience.

By treating your line of products and services as a “launch” you have every opportunity to stop throwing good money at random spatterings of advertising in the hope that you present your brand to the right market.

McDonalds is a master example of brand placement in the right placement; they are more of a real estate investment firm as wherever a McDonalds franchise has appeared, it has been in a high traffic volume area, and will bring in swarms of hungry people, particularly through drive through.

They have now responded to most people starting to work from home and the freelance type industry, because they are now offering a delivery service. They understand consumer behaviour. This is all a part of launching a marketing campaign, and then following through with the right targeted markets.

In short a launch is summarised as the following:

  • Market research and testing of the product or service
  • Creating a story around the solution the product or service offers
  • Designing the content marketing and product advertising around the solution offered
  • Pushing the product or service to the right audience and platform
  • Continuing to follow up with targeted advertising
  • Refining and examining metrics

All of these processes are cyclical, and working SEO strategies with social media marketing platforms should be evaluated on a regular basis.

digital marketing and SEO agency

Don’t forget to re-evaluate the success of your SEO and social media campaigns from time to time.

A marketing campaign should be audited on a regular basis, and the money invested in created content that is on-page SEO, and located off page should be ready to push to the right social sharing platform. When the research and preparation are done, then the sales conversions will happen as a seemingly magical result.

In itself it is a complicated process, and most business owners go into business with high hopes that having a passion about what they are doing will succeed. It isn’t too late to look at a failing business, and to re-evaluate the marketing strategy in order to create sales conversions.

The marketing and sales departments are the single most important part of the business, because they are constantly nurturing and looking after new and ongoing clients.

To make the process of marketing and lead generation so much easier, and to create a business that is both effortless, simple to operate and pain free, are are a few things you need to do.

It is critically important to think about either prioritising this activity yourself in your business, and performing it each and every single day, or to outsource it to a group of experts who already have the technical expertise, years of experience and channels already established.

The latter option is worth the investment so you can work on developing your solutions ready to take to market.

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