Why you Need to Include Images on Social Media

A picture is worth a thousand words. A quote worth a thousand articles on this very topic. There is no better way to describe the importance of visual imagery when trying to purvey anything from an event to a simple meal. Visual imagery is the very heart and soul of entertainment and it is easy to see why.

People like to be able to see clearly what the author of a work had in mind when they created it. While an eloquent description of a meal can arouse the senses in many ways, it will always fail to arouse the sense of sight.

different types of pictures

Having pictures on your business profile is a must.

Have you ever found yourself staring at a picture of a meal and licking your lips, almost able to taste and smell the delicious aroma of the meal photographed and staring out at you from your screen? We have; and that is why a picture is worth so much.

Maybe this is not enough reason for you? Well we bet we can change that opinion by the end of this article, and so without further ado, here are the reasons why every single one of your pictures are important on social media.

1. You  Have Something to Say

What is more likely to gain the interest of the average reader? A thousand words, or a single picture? People are lazy and you need to expect that of your readers. However, if you truly have something to say and want to get across, don’t toss out those words yet!

Just because you have the picture doesn’t mean you can’t provide some valuable insight. Using pictures alongside your posts is a surefire way to attract the attention of some curious readers (particularly if you can fit the right picture for your topic).

Try and include a picture that supports what you are saying. Having pictures is excellent, but when they aren’t contextual and/or do not fit in with the point you are trying to make, they will simply diminish your point.

writing for social media

Pictures can help you get your message across.

Think, for example; a post about allowing dogs on beaches. You’re passionate that dogs should be allowed to enjoy the awesome summer joys the beach has to offer alongside you and your friends and you have something to say about it!

Is a picture of a cat the way to go about it? Or would a picture of a dog OR better yet, a dog having an awesome time on the beach be more appropriate?

If you have some common sense, we assume you chose that a picture of a dog is most appropriate and thus understand the point. Using pictures to strengthen a point is an excellent way of being heard, however only if used correctly.

2. Mix it up!

What is your social media page filled with? Is it filled with the same old banners and advertisements? Is it filled with selfies? Stop right there. You need to mix it up a little. Before you post that crew shot of all your team members. Think about your readers’ opinion of your profile.

Don’t you think the “same-old, same-old” pictures are getting, well… old? Your social media page needs a lot more variance if your intention is to maintain as many readers as possible and to gain more, at that!

Posting about your day to day business can be interesting for the short-term intrigue, however adding more ‘flavour’ to your page can drastically increase your trafficking by showing people that you care about the experience of the reader as well as showing them your own experiences.

social media stars

Adding variety to your social media posts is key.

If your aim is, for instance, to document an extension on your business or otherwise (within that wavelength of thought), then you should be aiming on bringing your readers along for the ride, not just showing it to them. Include your readers in the development of your company and they will view it as part of their own life.

Vary your style here and there by posting more than just updates and banner pictures. Sprinkle some different types of pictures in there! Try showing your viewers some pictures that look professionally taken. If you don’t know how to take pictures like that, check out some online tutorials. It’s easy to pick up and well worth learning. Throw in a video or two! But remember to keep it short and entertaining.

Other ways to engage your readers may be to actually write a little about something funny that may have happened relating to the work day (a stray dog came into work and you all adopted it for example), then add a meme or funny picture relating to that occurrence.

Using this simple trick, you’ll find people have a lot more interest in the things you have to show and tell about your business through your online profile! Don’t become ‘same-old, same-old’. Mix it up a little!

3. Identity

social media page

Picture help to build your brand identity.

The most successful “social media stars” are experts at maintaining their image and identity online. The way this is done is by forming a clear image of what you want to be seen as on your online profile. The pictures you add to your social media profiles could have a major impact on this image.

Keeping a visual brand identity is crucial to building a reputation and subsequent business online. You need to plan ahead and think of whether this will be done through the use of certain colour palettes in your images or otherwise. It is best that you do your background research on the issue before you try to shape your brand using pictures as a tool.

Certain colours evoke different emotions and it is important that your images create the right type of feelings with your followers. For example, red is thought to evoke feelings of excitement, whereas blue is thought to induce feelings of trust and strength.

writing for social media

Source: dailyinfographic.com.

4. Memorability

A great question that comes to mind when thinking about the memorability of any form of literature is as follows: how many posts from other businesses can you remember?

Consider this question for a moment and then consider whether or not the few that you remember had a picture alongside the post or not. It is very likely that the ones you remember had photos (either that, or you have an incredible memory).

different types of pictures

Images will help to make your profile more memorable.

Using photos alongside points that you wish to make stick in reader’s minds is one of the most foolproof ways to ensure that your message is remembered. If you find yourself unable to connect with your readers, often times, pictures can break the barrier and make a much more interactive environment between the writer and the readers, where both can feel a much stronger respect for the post attached.

5. Exposure

It’s no secret that a picture will easily attract the eyes of curious readers. Correction…to turn the phrase; the right picture will attract more readers. If you have eye catching photography attached to your work, you can guarantee that at least a few wondering eyes will be feasting on your work soon enough.

For anyone who knows anything at all about writing for social media, there are two things that are a must for perfection. That is the title and the picture that is tagged as the thumbnail.

social media stars

With the correct image, more followers will engage.

When people share links to your profile and/or posts on social media, often the people who come across it will see a little picture thumbnail that relates to your work. This picture is what will attract attention to you and your profile. Without the picture, you’d be hard pressed at getting people to click the link.

6. Impression

Did you know that it takes only 7 seconds to build a lasting impression of someone or something for the average human? Neither did we! But truthfully, your first impression always matters. You may remember your dad teaching you to shake hands the proper way to make a good first impression for job interview? This is what we are talking about.

The same goes for your business. Particularly online. When your potential customers don’t have a face to attach to the content they are reading, can’t assess body language or the like, they will most certainly judge your company by the entertainment of your profile.

Just like when you first shake someone’s hand and look them in the eyes while doing so, your audience online will build a very lasting impression of you and your content within that very short range of time and it is up to you to ensure that you give them the best impression possible.

different types of pictures

Use relevant picture to leave a lasting impression.

How? PICTURES! The right picture will always make a perfect, if not interesting first impression. All you need to do is capture their curiosity just the once. Then they will very likely come back for more.

This being said, remember that your picture is not all you’ll need. The picture will draw them in, but it is also up to your content to maintain that curiosity that you’ve lit up in your readers.

7. Setting Up

Another fun fact is that the digital age is most certainly taking over business advertisement. Remember the good old days when just a business’s reputation was judged before customers decide whether or not to come to you?

Well that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Your business will now be judged on every facet possible even before a customer decides to purchase from you. For some, this can be some seriously harrowing news; for others, a blessing.

Making sure your business profile doesn’t have any inappropriate pictures that are likely to cause harm while trying to build a business is crucial to its development. When a potential customer looks through your social media profile, they gain a much deeper insight into your business and what it stands for.

While this may seem unfair, bare in mind that you have full control of your social media profiles. You can ensure that any curious potential customers and clients see the side of you that you want them to see. What does this have to do with pictures? Remember when we said that a picture will make your content much more memorable? Exactly.

writing for social media

Take the time to choose the best picture for the post.

Captivating pictures on your profile that show who you are in a positive light and intrigue onlookers WILL leave a memorable impression on any potential customers that hunt through your profile. Remember to look over your social media page regularly and make sure you don’t have anything too unprofessional on there.

In Summary

Convinced yet? Having the right pictures on your social media profiles can mean a major difference in many aspects of your business. It is undeniable that the world is seeing a major shift in the way we perceive others and your social media profile has the potential to make or break your business in many ways.

Remember that setting up online social media for your business is not as hard as it often seems. Maintaining it at first may be a little stressful, but you will find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

If you are worried that you might not be making the best of your social media, whether it is because you don’t see an increase in traffic for your business, or simply, your profile isn’t making the best impression it could on those curious potential customers that come snooping, finding the right pictures or creating them yourself is your best bet on showing the world how awesome you and your business really are! The one in control is you.

Do you agree with what we’ve said? If so, shoot us a comment and let us know! We’d love to hear your opinion and if this helps you in any way, we would love to hear about it! Remember that your social media profiles are your lasting impression on the digital world. So make sure you use it to your advantage.


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