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As a Google partner, we have access to exclusive trainings, support and tools that are provided by Google for the purpose of helping and supporting you! The Google partnership identifies us as a trusted and reliable digital media provider.

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The leading SEO Experts for Shopify E-Commerce Websites

Shopify is a service that people can use to create an online store. It is a platform like WordPress so that people who want to run e-commerce can have access to a number of merchant facilities.

When web developers are setting up e-commerce sites they need to still get a hold of application programming interfaces for payment gateways and so forth, but Shopify helps a novice entrepreneur with no programming knowledge handle technical aspects of running an e-store.

Shopify provides simple set and forget payment gateways, shopping cart facilities, invoicing and integrated plugins from third party service providers. This means that they can easily configure access to customer payment, without a large amount of technical knowledge.

The negative to that is a more costly monthly subscription fee in return for the use of the convenience of a number of different e-commerce tools.

Shopify Takes Care of Content Marketing Abilities

seo marketing for e-commerceShopify has an integrated blogging platform; this means that you can have a digital marketing agency create content to put onto your blog that will entice visitors to your e-store to purchase from you.

Blogs are vital platforms for e-commerce stores, because it enables the customer to find information relevant to the product they are purchasing and allows for full understanding of how a product will satisfy a current problem that the customer has.

Commerce is about offering convenient solutions and feel-good products that give customers a better quality of life. Customers can get access to reviews on your products through managed forums on your website, and also comments where people have indicated certain beneficial features of a product may further entice a visitor to buy.

E-commerce solutions included on a blogging platform include things such as look books where products are featured being modeled by people in appealing manners.

A curated gallery of your products demonstrating their use, or their enjoyment factor will push a customer to purchase, particularly when a customer is searching for something very specific.

Shopify Enables You to Create Your Own Branding

Shopify enables you to apply your own domain name to your store so that you can promote your individual brand. A premium domain name with a dot com attached helps create a better overall site ranking for your Shopify store.

Shopify is also good for people who don’t know how to program websites or how to write programming languages such as HTML CSS or PHP. E-commerce relies on a database system; so Shopify takes care of all of the hosting and the backend of the database including the REST API.

Another distinct advantage of Shopify is that it has a drop and drag website editor which enables a novice to create a simple website and include plugin third party integrations such as drop shipping agencies.

Important Things To Be Aware of When it Comes to Shopify Websites

There are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to Shopify websites especially when you are using plugins to source your products such as Oberlo. The product descriptions included with the plugins are not often written by native English speakers.

This means they really do not give adequate description of what these products should be used for. This could potentially lead to customer confusion. If SEO has been adequately processed on your website this won’t be a problem – because the product descriptions, the tags and product titles will make sense to your client.

That is why optimisation is so important to apply to e-commerce and Shopify websites because it means that when a website is a good experience for a client they can find what they need, due to the description and image tags being adequate.

If these are done properly, it not just gives a product description, but outlines the way it will make the client’s life much simpler, enjoyable, or more pleasurable, or solve a current problem.  SEO helps make the process of purchasing products effortless and painless.

This is really the benefit of search engine optimisation for a Shopify website. Through tailoring a client experience that truly understands the psychographic and demographic of your customer base this will lead to you having greater sales conversions.

Who is SEO Shark?

Why Choose Our SEO Services

SEO Shark is a digital marketing agency, based in Sydney, which provides marketing and promotional services for a variety of satisfied clients.

SEO Shark has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and uses the best in-house talent that is available in order to create both customer loyalty, constant quality web traffic and conversions on client websites, and engaging social media campaigns.

We offer more than simply digital marketing, we create branding and recognition for clients, setting us apart as industry leaders. We have access to social media and Internet influencers, allowing for product placement strategies for clients.

As part of our commitment to being the best in the digital marketing industry Australia and Asia-Pacific wide, we bring to the table a host of services for clients including consulting, web development, strategies and advice on increase of conversion rates.

Original thought and innovation are the hallmark of our strategies for clients. Research on the latest releases of search engine algorithms, and industry best practice and then developing methods and processes to best cater to those are how we ensure our clients get and stay on the first page of Google.

Our strategies and creative solutions win for clients. With total focus and commitment to thoroughly understanding each and every client, we are well positioned to be setting the industry standard on search page results.

What makes SEO Shark Different?

SEO Shark is markedly different, because we have specialised packages for different sized business, and employ expert technical authors that are pertinent and understand each client’s unique industry challenges.

We understand that in order to create the maximum amount of sales conversions, that quality content provision is the driving force where clients are seeking solutions, and then find content on a business website, that gives a relevant answer to their problem.

Sales conversions occur from a number of different repeated exposures to a brand, and this can be measured and evaluated through site statistics. Statistics are gathered from original zero points, to track site visitors, profits and sales conversions relative to efforts over time.

We understand the unique requirements of each client through taking the time to go through an extremely thorough consultation process.

After a consultation process with each client, a suitable campaign is designed, and with the approval of the client, it is commenced. From baselines, results can be harnessed, ensuring that with each succeeding campaign, results are pulled.

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimisation; this is the process whereby a client approaches a digital marketing agency and requires the creation of a stream of cash flows, from regularly purchasing customers. Search engine optimisation requires the participation of the digital marketing consultant, and the client.

The client’s requirements are determined by the digital marketing consultant, and from there a strategy is created according to desired outcomes, within the constraints of a timeframe and budget.

SEO Shark has a number of packages that suit different sized budgets, from the micro-trader to the larger corporation.

Outsourcing your marketing and sales funnels increases a business owner’s ability to generate income. SEO involves a variety of tools from sitemaps to content articles and videos, which help flag superior websites to Google.

Google (and other search engines) rate quality according to various criteria, and return a score based on how the website measures against these checkmarks. Artificial intelligence machine learning spiders crawl the Internet intermittently, checking for improvements and updates.

Scores improve over time as websites are optimised. Certain SEO techniques (white hat) are legitimate and create high rating websites.

Generally, crafting an awesome customer experience creates a high ranking, and the more people spend on a business website, without bouncing, the higher a website will rank in the Google search engine page results.

There are a number of qualities that create great customer experience, and SEO Shark has honed in on maximising each of these tools to the benefit of their customers.

The Process of SEO

SEO explanation

Off Page SEO

Google and other search engines use complex algorithms in order to return quality scores regarding a website’s usability and credibility.

Off page search engine optimisation creates backlinks to a URL on a client’s website, and pushes traffic from social media and other types of off-page links to drive clients towards landing pages, e-commerce and other types of sales-funnel type marketing pages.

Ideally, a website is setup to feed sales conversions in a self-directed fashion, leaving the business owner to enjoy reaping the return on his or her investment in SEO.

The maximum number of conversions is sent from a variety of different sources around the Internet. Many business owners know how to create a website on a basic third party drag and drop publishing program.

Business owners are often encouraged to create their own website, and do, however lacking the appropriate knowledge in how to optimise their website in order to create sales conversions means that they have wasted both the time and financial resources in creating a non-performing website.

A website is a sales and marketing tool, and in order for clients to succeed, they need to be presenting their brand to as many people as possible who would be interested in their product.

Aside from affiliate marketing networks, there are many ways of creating off page SEO, and these techniques send traffic from a variety of high visibility sites, and from multiple channels of customer engagement.

Social media pages and content curation sites such as Reddit and Vine push more information towards potential buyers, and form part of a strategy for SEO also.

These types of tools are used for off page SEO. Paid per click advertising, including the Google search display network, Amazon advertisements and other paid advertising also drive traffic to websites.

Google My Business also offers the perfect opportunity for a business owner to use the services of a digital marketing agency in order to fully exploit the advantages of one of these Google Business Tools.

On Page SEO

On page search engine optimisation has a number of ways within the actual website that create a significantly high rating. A blog is incredibly important in building a website, and the format of the actual website is also really important.

Google introduced responsive site rankings within its last scheduled releases, ensuring that sites that do not convert to mobile friendly websites are sent to the bottom of the pile in search engine page results.

Desktop only websites that are unresponsive are listed on the subordinate indexing results, which means that the content on those sites is less likely to be found. Part of on page SEO is having an up to date website.

Google also examines a website to search for a privacy policy and a site map. If these things are lacking, it means that the bots are not going to be searching for that information and returning results to the search pages.

Blog and website page interlinking are also incredibly important, and means that when a bot sweeps through an Internet page, they will be hopping through the links that are embedded in the pages, cycling through several times, and as more content is added the search engine results ranking goes up, as fresh content is regularly provided.

The provision of regular content pushed to the Internet is necessary for the website that is being crawled to be regarded as timely and relevant information.

If information has not been updated or any blog articles have not been published within a certain amount of time, a website drops significantly in rank.

Metadata in websites is incredibly important, and this sets up a series of keywords that are relevant to a website, and for a particular topic being looked for in a search engine by an end user. Where a lot of niche websites succeed is in highly specialised SEO on page.

This offers the opportunity when an end user has performed their research, and is in the buying phase of their search, they find keywords that are specifically relevant to the product they require.

When SEO is done properly, the buyer is able to search and find what they want at the point where they are ready to buy. This creates the best possible opportunity to create revenue from websites. SEO is essential for websites to become viable money making investments.

Keyword search terms are also incredibly important when it comes to creating higher ranking websites; these keywords are usually contained in the metadata of a website (in the header) and then reflected in the URL page titles, and headers throughout the content of each document.

A Google search spider is able to quickly assess the content on an Internet page, and according to its pre-established benchmarks, determine where Google will present it on the search engine page results. SEO is about creating the best possible website quality score in terms of relevancy and user experience.

When people spend significant amounts of time on Internet pages, and they click on other blog links (through interlinking) this means that Google measures the amount of time spent on a website as significant.

When users are actively searching through content on a website, this creates feedback to the Google search bots (and other websites) in order to promote the ranking of a website.

Why Google is so Important?

SEO results in Google

Google has set the standard in search algorithm quality ratings for at least five years, with the advent of some significant developments in other competing search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

They have been working on giving back to their end users the best results that deliver relevant and meaningful content, and this means (with the push towards better quality) old methods of pushing search engine optimisation have become redundant.

Many web developers in former years used black hat SEO methodologies such as keyword stuffing in order to rank their websites; and as a consequence, the machine learning bots that Google have created are able to bypass those sites, and blacklist them.

Previously, a spider would simply crawl through a website or blog, and find relevant keywords or tags associated with a topic. The focus on better user experience requires well written content.

Content that is designed by first doing keyword research, so that as a foundation, the elaboration of the information will be matched up to end user search strings.

Black hat SEO techniques that were used previously have been outmoded by the release of latest Google search bot technologies.

Google has raised its value as a search engine, because they are thorough in the design of the search engine spiders, a drive towards excellence and better results, and fusing machine learning into their indexing. Google deliver consistent quality in the results returned.

Benefits of SEO

The benefits of SEO are multifaceted. The application of search engine optimisation process, both on and off page with a business website or blog, is a better overall user experience, and as a corollary to that sales conversions.

SEO when applied across a large number of customer engagement channels helps to put a business (or company) website in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

SEO focuses on quality, in the selection of relevant content presented both on page and off page, and the most relevant type of tool to use in order to deliver the content presented. Video is a large portion of Internet traffic, and is accounting for a large amount of SEO driven around the Internet.

YouTube is an incredibly large search engine, and also provides a perfect opportunity for engaging with potential clients and customers.

Search engine optimisation also takes into account business reputation; digital marketing agencies often neglect this incredibly important facet of marketing. SEO Shark ensures that all customer feedback is managed and directed into positive outcomes.

Google search spiders also provide information about customer reviews, and then this helps to assess where a website will be positioned relevant to particular keywords.

SEO helps to create a more balanced and better user experience, and so is incredibly important to have SEO both on page and off page assessed.

Why It is Important to Use a Proper SEO Agency?

A lot of digital marketing agencies make false promises, and use proprietary black market software in order to drive traffic artificially to a website.

Google does not readily pick up on this traffic being fake as it is a series of bots that ping and return results to a website, but these could seriously damage a page’s rankings.

Bots generally do not spend a lot of time on a website, and then bounce off quickly, creating havoc with real Internet traffic. Overflow of host servers can end up creating website down time, and this also prevents real buyers from finding useful products and services.

For a business owner’s real benefit, and for that of his or her customers, it is imperative to use a proper SEO agency that only utilised white hat techniques.

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