Effective SEO White Hat Methods to Build Backlinks

There are now three different types of SEO strategies; white, black and grey hat SEO. As the colours of each hat suggest, white hat is the purest and most beneficial way to improve your SEO long-term (and black hat is the opposite)!

If you are unsure about these methods and would like to read more, you can read our blog post on ‘The Three Types of SEO’. Building effective backlinks are now more imperative than ever because of the importance Google has placed on them.

Due to this new found importance, many people are looking towards effective white hat methods that can help build quality backlinks.

SEO backlinks

Effective ways that white hat methods can be used to build backlinks:

Put links on other blogs to your blog

A blog is a social tool, providing readers with information and the ability to comment and express their own opinion. Therefore when linking your blog in the comments (especially when you are doing it consistently), it provides a greater opportunity that more readers will click through onto you blog and website.

Produce templates that can be easily shared

If your template is deemed useful enough, more and more consumers/ readers are likely to share it on social media with friends and family so they can also benefit. For example, if you are a career based website helping individuals with tips and advice on how to get a job, you could provide a resume template.

Templates are a great tool for individuals, and this could eventually benefit your business when consumers share it and therefore creating more backlinks for your website.

Collaborate with other businesses that are in similar industry

other businesses

This is becoming more commonplace due to the benefits backlinking can offer. Essentially you are helping one another out by providing links to each other’s website on your own. If the two business’s products/ services are complimentary this will mean there is greater benefit and there is more likely to see conversions from the backlinks.

Ask consumers or other businesses to review

This means that your business will have a review on another website which will create more links. On top of this, you will also receive great feedback (hopefully!) and you will be able to strengthen the relationship you had with those individuals you asked to review.

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