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Preparing for 2015: SEO Trends and Content Marketing

What are the Trends and Content Marketing Strategies?

The developments we have witnessed in the recent past points to the fact that the SEO trend is always changing. There are numerous methods that were seen as being very legitimate and wonderful in getting your site ranked in the past, which Google has now declared illegal and punishable. Since we are all dynamic human beings, we have to accept these. What we have to do if we want to succeed in SEO not get angry, but rather be very proactive, and get in touch with the trends that will shape the 2015 SEO world and build on them.

seo 2105Captivating content

The number one issue in this list is the issue of captivating content. In the recent past, providing a high quantity of content counted more than the quality of the content. Again, content with very flashy and bright images captivated both visitors and crawlers. However, that was in the past. These days, preference is given to content that is qualitative in nature. People are tired of colour. They are now seeking value. So, content that answers real-life questions and solves real-life problems is what Google is searching for. Because of this, you have to build a content schedule for the year under review, and take time to develop very meaningful and quality content.

Mobile marketing

The second method that will shape the 2015 SEO world includes mobile marketing. Now, you must ensure that all the content in your website for the year is responsive. It is no longer news that the number of people who access the internet with mobile and small-screen devices is at a ratio of 10-3 to the number who access with the PCs and laptops. The meaning of this is that all content that cannot be viewed with these small screens and mobile devices will be an obstacle in 2015. So, you simply have to get your websites responsive to the multi-screen system, to avoid being fizzled out from the audience.

Social media marketing

The next issue is social media marketing. If you do not know that posts you make about your business on the social media or content you link to on social media gets to a greater number of your customers than content that is left only on your websites, then you do not know a thing about SEO. The truth is that social media has the greatest number of users, more than any other sites. And these users are more active here. Because of this, your posts here or ones that are linked to here achieve more results than other places. Get a media site page for your business, and link all of it together. Some firms are even using this for their customer service. Here, the answer you give to one customer about a particular problem is seen by all the other customers. This reduces the number of people that will contact you with the same problem.

Build links

The last issue is your links. There are many link-building strategies that are completely white hot, which you have to use in getting your link building working properly. Again, there might be times when bad links are linked to you unknowingly, and this might even lead to punishment for what you do not know. Make use of link-check tools to discover bad links and remove them. Broken link building, link outreach strategy and guest blogging are all good for 2015.

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