SEO Tips for Ecommerce Site

SEO For Ecommerce Websites

If you want to sell any of your products or services through the internet then the thing that you need to be sure about is whether your customers can find you online or not. Having a fancy website with all best products and services that you can offer is not enough. The site has to be visible in the first page of Google. This is where SEO comes into play. Given below are some tips that aid you in creating a strong presence in the internet and maximize your SEO effort.

Find Out Effective Keywords

If you take out a bit of time and do a little homework for the keywords, then you can augment the chances of your success. Finding out the right keyword is essential. If the keywords are not optimised and not placed strategically inside the website then you might be jeopardising the results of the search engine.

When people look for a product online they are very specific about the keywords. This is the reason you need to make sure that the keywords that you are using are not some general keywords. Craft some descriptions and also make some keywords that are unique. You should also make use of the long tail keywords. This will help you to attract the type of traffic that you want for your website.

Be Careful of Duplicate Content
If you have duplicate content then you are in for some serious trouble. You have to keep in mind that the search engines are not very fond of content that has been copied or even lightly spun. Thus, it is very essential to avoid the faux-pas. However, in case of ecommerce sites many products are the same and that means the descriptions of the product might turn out to be similar and this might be a problem. Therefore, the ecommerce site has to analyse all pages of the website and find out ways to reduce the copied content. Ensure their originality.

tipsKeep Strategic Keywords in the Anchor Text
To make the ecommerce site more visible in Google relevant keywords in the anchor text needs to be included. Try and avoid the same anchor text throughout the website as this might lead being penalised. Also make sure that you include important keyword links in the description of your product and this will take the user to the similar kinds of products that you sell.

Keep the Structure of Your URL Simple
The URL structure of site is very important to climb higher in the search engines. If you have a proper URL structure then it becomes pretty convenient for the search engine bot to locate your site and crawl through it. This is the way it is able to recognize what the site is all about. It also improves the experience of the user visiting the site. If they have better experience on the site then they stay for a longer time and therefore increases the possibility of them making a purchase.

Optimize the Product Images
People want to see the photos of the products that they want to buy and thus it needs to be of the highest quality. Alt tag images should have relevant keywords for the search engine bots to find you out.

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