Top 3 SEO Scams


There are many SEO companies on the Australian market. However, it might be difficult to find a reputable SEO agency that can deliver quality search engine results.

As a business owner, it is important for you to get your website found on the top of search engine results. To be found on the first page of Google, you need SEO services.

Many businesses use some tricky techniques to get you sign a contract for 6 or 12 months! Be aware of the following tricks, lies and scams from less-reputable companies pretending to be SEO Experts!

SEO scam people

? #We can offer you a free trial!

No one works for free! If someone says that the “first month is for free” it basically means that the other months will be much more expansive.

? #We guarantee that we get you to the first page of Google!

This is one of the biggest empty promises. No one can guarantee it except Google. Even on Google’s official page there is a statement that no one can guarantee any results.

? #Our prices are the cheapest

Cheap companies usually use unethical methods like spam. Google will discover these techniques pretty quick and ban the website from search results. Also, who would work for a cheap price and provide a quality service?

So, hopefully that gives you an idea about why you should choose a reputable and trusted SEO company like SEO Shark.

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